29 Nov 2015      
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2015 Virgo (Kanya) Yearly Horoscope
The year 2015 is going to bring mixed results for you. In the first quarter of the year you will have to spend a lot of time while trying to achieve your goals and making future career plans. In all your approaches you will be practical and down to earth and will maintain a low profile, mostly due to the influence of Saturn in the sign. There can be major changes in both your personal and professional life. Try to be careful while communicating your feelings and thoughts this year. You might have to put in some extra effort to earn some extra income to meet any unforeseen expenses that you might incur this year. However you will get plenty of opportunities to earn extra money this year which will help you meet all your unforeseen expenses. In general you will have a meaningful year.

Your time in the Sun

Financially this will be a good year for you but be careful not to lend money to anyone, be it your close friends or relatives. Health wise it will be good and fine, no major issues, except the older people who could face niggling problems. There are chances of long distance travel for you this year. Professionally you will have to take some refresher course to maintain your professional standards. April onwards you can expect some major changes in the personal front which will be mostly positive.

Be Careful!

Certain things to be careful about this year would be, number one your expenses. There can be some unforeseen expenses and you need to be prepared for it. You may not be able to save enough money and this might worry you a bit. Do not get into any arguments that you thing might hurt others. There can be an adverse effect on your domestic life due to the effect of the transiting Saturn.

Virgo Love and Relationship in 2015

You might not be able to commit yourself into any relationship this year due to the adverse effect of Jupiter which would be in a retrograde mode. Things might get a little better from June 2015 onwards and you might get into some everlasting relationship. Some of you might be lucky enough to find that special one in your childhood friend. After August you need to be careful and avoid disagreements as it might spoil your relationships. The best idea is to have patience and allow your partner the freedom that he/she desires. This will help you take your relationship to the next level. If you are already in a stable relationship and looking forward to get married then the best time to do so would be between the months of April and June. It would be a good idea for the married couples to go on a little outstation trip to strengthen the bonds and take a much needed break. The main thing about relationship this year is that you need to be patient and take things slowly.

Virgo Finance in 2015

Financially there might be both an increase in your income as well as expenses this year, all from unexpected sources. You will find a lot of opportunities to earn the extra income which will help you balance out the expenses. However you need to be careful to save all the extra money that you earn to meet all those unforeseen expenses. This year you will also spend some money like social causes and charity. It is advisable not to lend the money to anyone this year, be it your close cousins or friends, as they might not return it and you might end up losing it all. Between January and February you will earn a lot of money, so try to save it as much as possible. The worst time would be between the months of June to September where you will go through a tough time to manage your finances. However after that things will get better.

Virgo Business in 2015

In matter of business things can be good for you. You will be able to take some sound decisions for your business this year, mostly in the beginning. The effect of Saturn might bring some obstacles for you, especially in the month of March when it is in a retrograde mode, but eventually things will get better. Those who are involved in the trade market business need to keep an eye on their stocks. It is advisable not to maintain high inventory as the prices may tend to fluctuate wildly and you might end up in a huge loss. It is advisable for you take a personalized reading of your horoscope to come up with ways to deal with such situations. A little bit of wise judgement on your experience might be of great help for you this year in business.

Virgo Career and Education in 2015

There won't be any major changes in the field of career this year. Things will mostly stay the way they are. In case you are looking for a job change this year, it may not be a very good idea, however if in case you come across an unexpected job opportunity do not let it go and accept it without any hesitation. If you are already in a job be careful about how you deal with you superiors and what and how you communicate with them. Do not give any unsolicited advice and keep a low profile. The best advice in career this year is stay where you are to avoid any problems.

In the field of education things can be favourable for you this year. Academic progress is on your way and this year is highly favourable for the students. You will be tested on your skills and abilities but all your hard work will achieve you the desired results. You need to stay focused and disciplined and everything will fall in place for you. You will have to work hard to achieve the desired the results but the sweet fruit of success won't be that far from you.

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