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2016 Taurus (Vrishabha) Yearly Horoscope

Before we reveal the secrets of Taureans for 2016, let us take a journey to your planetary position. On first page Saturn will transit to Scorpio and Jupiter and then will move into Leo. Till January 31st the present sign will stay in its original place and then after 31st it would move to Leo, whereas, Ketu would transit into Aquarius beside that movement of heavenly bodies would affect the entire session throughout 2016.

Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: Neither Dhaiya nor Shani Sade Sati is present.

Negative aspect: Lack of happiness, health issues to mother, laziness and selfishness.

Positive aspect: Your humble attitude, patience and powerful luck.

Lucky no: 6 & 10

Warning: Do not get too ambitious. Take issues related to mother's health seriously.

Remedy: Wear a diamond ring after making it auspicious and sacred through mantras in your ring finger on Shukla Paksha Friday in the morning. Please Lord Bhairo to overcome malefic effects of Rahu.

Color to be avoided: Red

Direction: East

Eatables: Pumpkin, cauliflower, peas, almond. Avoid intake of starch, excessive sweets and junk food. Stay away from alcohol and other such things as well.

Family horoscope for Taureans

Family horoscope for Taureans for 2016 looks pretty good as compassion and cordial elements would strengthen the bond with family beside that Taureans need to listen to the suggestion of their elders to enjoy the life at the fullest. Disregard to their thought might create troubles however there is nothing so sceptical behind but giving regards to their ideas would only make you better. Major thing to remember is Saturn would be posited in your 7th house, revealing an idea of Yoga Karka for you. If ideology and mythological beliefs are to consider then this sort of Saturn would poise an obstruction but luckily you don't have to run your life for it as chances of it being extreme if intense is very less. The destiny defines the fact that the bonding with mother won't be that good make sure you behave well and don't get carried by anger or emotions. You need to take responsibility of taking care of her since she might get affected by some health issues. As far as your relation with father is concern then the chemistry between you two would steal the show beside that an effect of your planet would bring bliss in his life. Your spouse on the other hand would share same emotions and love with your father but not with your mother. Taurus horoscope for family this year suggest that they need to be more polite and organized with their mother beside that they must built a bridge to crap the burning the distance between your spouse and mother.

Taureans health for 2016

Taureans are known for their immunity system and what so amazing is, same trend of disease free body would lead this year as well. You will have a great time beside that gift of healthy physique and stress free mind would help you to achieve your goals. Some of the Taureans would gain wait so that needs to be check avoid eating spicy and oily delicacies but that is something you would get the most in fact more than usual, the month of august would add more flavours on your table so be sure to control the method of eating. Taureans might suffer from stomach problems, intestines and joints beside that headache and eyes pain could come knocking on your door. The prediction states that, Taureans need to be stress free and should not panic rather they must practice yoga in regular basis to keep the goodness of their health alive.

Economic prediction/ Financial Prediction for Taurus 2016

Taureans could take pleasure as 2016 would bring the best of financial condition; the stability is likely to grow further after August. The prediction of this year reveals the fact that money will come from every corner, shares would increase and your financial stand would make a statement. Before August there is nothing supernatural you could hope for, the bond of emotions need to be control beside that expenses may not be the best idea to go with, don't let your emotional vibe ruin you rather prepare to be outrage by uncertain flow of money which could be more then you anticipation.

Professional Life

Professional life for Taureans would not be as fabulous if you are into service, make sure to understand the strategies as it could be plot to get better off you, opponents are eyeing on your success so stay alert. The prediction of 2016 states that accusation would be thrown on you without any reason, useless blames would keep you on your knee and negatives situation would creep in. We would suggest Taureans to keep their eye and ear open as things may get more radicalized and you may be a victim of political or conservational vendetta. Taureans should not run mud on their relation with their seniors until you are good with other job, as troubles between you and seniors could intimidate you to leave your job.

Prophesy for business for Taurus Horoscope 2016

Natives who are into streams of business would show the beneficial results and if you are associated in business with your spouse then unlimited course of profit is coming your way however be sure not to be victim of frauds and cheat. Financial matters look finicky so be alert and don't put easy trust on anyone. Taureans who in favour of lending money to other in interest, think again, as crystal ball is not showing a good sign so be aware better ignore such idea. After August things would work in your way and you can rest assure to enjoy the prosperity that would make its way beside that factors of luck would knock your door with opportunities.

Taurus Love and Romance 2016

Year of 2016 looks awesome for Taureans as season of love would unfold the best of chronicles. Taureans could expect to enjoy special moments with their loved ones beside that they would get time to spend quality times with their better half. Well things may not work according to your plan in initial days but surely it will get better with passage of time. After august Taureans could expect to see laurels of life and romance beside that essence of love would bring the real charm. Don't make a mistake of doubting your lover/spouse when Mercury would travel in Leo or Aquarius beside that Taureans should not be angry rather put nail on it to grown in relations.

Taurus Sex and Seduction Life 2016

Sexual bond would dominate your world to a great extent; throughout the year you will have an occasion to enjoy the sensual seduction with your partner. The predictions are for those who are in course of relationship but not married. Married couples would be bit disappointed which in turn would provoke them to get in relationship with others apart from the wife. 2016 predicts that there will be a rise in illegal affairs and you would step no back to enjoy the course of sexual fantasies.

Taurus, Dates you need to be careful on

The day when moon would slide into Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius or Aries, Taureans need to put check on their moral ethics and behaviour. We would suggest traveller not to take any major decision during this period on the other hand when mars would enter Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo, you better maintain that calmness. From March 19 till April 3 and again from September 12 till October 10 avoid making or taking any decision on family and financial matters.

Solution for Taurus Horoscope 2016

We would suggest Taureans to believe in theory of self control as it is a best remedy to refrain yourself from all negative factors and possessive elements. Although it would not be possible to follow the doctrine of self control for everyone as sign of Taurus could bring the world down if they are at worst of their anger but self direction could solve the entire problem. Taureans would be subject to Mahadasha or Antardasha of Saturn so they must spell the hymns of Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra and Hanuman Chalisa. On the other hand if you are subject to Jupiter transition Mahadasha or Antardasha, better recite Beej Mantras for Jupiter. We would further suggest Taureans to wear pearl and keep fast on Thursday. For betterment of Natives suffering from Rahu or Ketu Dasha or Antardasha, recite Devi Kavach and Maa Durga Saptshati thrice a day.

Monthly horoscope 2016 for Taurus

Taurus Horoscope January 2016

The month looks good for you as far as prediction is concern, you would discover new potential and ideas connected with work and profession, it seems ideal for you to work out new plans beside that you would be thinking to get noticed and this could be a month for you. Update your CV and put all application ready, get your eye on newspaper and appointment gazettes beside that, be active on internet to see any news and recent updates. Job opportunities are sneaking this month and it is up to you how you would deal with the fact, don't be afraid to negate and negotiate about postings and positions. The love life is filled with surprise perhaps shocking answers are waiting for you on the other side. Over all the month looks pretty good and blissful.

Taurus Horoscope February 2016

The month of February again looks career concentrated as jobs and setting up a ground would be the foremost thing that you would like to get on first page. You should be happy as this month has a thriving message for you beside that the place where you are stationed would be an awesome ground for other to notice about your attributes and hard working attitude. With time you will be at right place as heavenly bodies have placed their plans and opportunity would come in your way in most acceptable manner. The family relationship would not get better as you would get to enjoy the bond of family relationships beside that you would have a mild occasion to spend quality time with your partner. Expect to lend some advice to youngsters as they would be looking for your words. For single it's a good time to get into serious flirting so get ready to enjoy another blissful month of winter.

Taurus Horoscope March 2016

The forecast for the month of March reveals the story that the session would be much family oriented and there would lot to score as far as road of friendship is concern. The social calendar and social bonding looks busy this month beside that you would have more to get connected with, your demand is growing and on top people would come to value your wisdom. Family issue may get your attention away but don't forget to buy a time for yourself because you would need some privacy to understand your life.

Taurus Horoscope April 2016

The sun sign month would make you feel bit fragile and emotional for no good reason, the health is the concern again make sure to get a good sleep and don't get too carried away with your work. The financial sector is looking absolutely good what's more ideal, you can expect to make money this month. Expect to receive an unexpected letter from your financial advisor or from bank, as ways are looking good and may open up for unlimited income.

Taurus Horoscope May 2016

Month of May would have some health issue as you would feel the cult of leg pain beside that you may have to go out to consult with physicist to get physiotherapy. The issue looks pretty minor but you cannot take chances when it comes to health, try to give comfort to your leg beside that seek regular medical advices. Exercise and practice of meditation could prove to be more helpful in this case so get with it as medical advice is not the only thing that would help you a physical effort would get you in better position.

Taurus Horoscope June 2016

Be careful not to overdo anything this month, the sign of June reflects an aura of weekend vacation somewhere away from hustle and bustle of town, better get into womb of mountain to explore the best within you. Taureans thrive well when they get a time out to analyse things so expect to breathe a fresh air this month as vacation is very much on the card.

Taurus Horoscope July 2016

Expect to enjoy a company of intellect who would share the same interest like yours, the month looks perfect for bond of friendship and partnership would grow more as you would get along with them. For single, the news is, they may expect to find amazingly attractive stranger who would probe your mind and together you both get into healthy thoughtful discussion. You would step no back to welcome their healthy ideas on life and would work potentially to grow with it.

Taurus Horoscope August 2016

Changes are looking much better and brighter, the changes in home, planning etc would leave this month productive as renovation and refurbishment are pretty much of the card. Loft conversion and garage conversion, new patio or new conservatory is something you would plan to structure. The expenditure would be on productive things beside that your investment would make you happy. The month goes all on the process of beautification as you would get attracted to pastel colours and would consider the plan of wallpaper covering. As far as health is concern take care of digestive system as you may be subject to bit of gastric problem so stay alert.

Taurus Horoscope September 2016

The month of September would strike like a wind of change, though Taureans are not good changes but don't be afraid rather take it like a new perspective which would benefit you at the end. The physical and mental benefits are there beside that Taureans could expect some exciting time with people around and they would feel free to welcome and accept changes.

Taurus Horoscope October 2016

Love and romance is on the card for Taureans as they would build string attraction thins month and the same could be a beginning of most beautiful time of your life. October calls for start of new relationship and trust us, you would grow extremely well in it, the pillar of bond could prove to be a base for future and it could even mean the union of soul mates.

Taurus Horoscope November 2016

Time to rebalance your health as you may feel you have grown bit unhealthy, so realization would make you more conscious. The spiritual calling is there so you need to be ready and compose yourself for such journey. The quest for eternity would be actively supported by your loved ones so you have lot on stakes this month and religious convocation would purely refresh your soul making you fresh than ever.

Taurus Horoscope December 2016

December, the final month of 2016 would again start with course of spiritual realm beside that personal progress is there so work with the purpose. The changes you had made earlier would give you a benefit and perspective would rose again to hold your life. The prediction for this month states that you would grow stronger as a person and would be more equipped to tackle the changes that would in your way this month.

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