27 Nov 2015      
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2015 Taurus (Vrishabha) Yearly Horoscope
2015 is a year of many pleasant surprises for you. By the end the year you would have accumulated many valuable experiences. It is advisable for you to take like as it comes because whatever happens will happen for good. In the beginning of the year Saturn will be transiting through the 8th sign from your sign. Even though it might not be a great thing, but having patience will pay off, and things will get better. You might question a lot of things and might have a tinge of dissatisfaction with the way things go and operate.

Your time in the Sun

One of the major agenda this year will be change, which might include moving to a new city or even to a totally new foreign location. Buying a new vehicle and moving to a new luxurious home is also on the cards. You will be moving closer to a more comfortable and luxurious life and become quite relaxed. You might move far away from your current place but destiny might take you to the same place from where you started. It is important for you to make a reasonable assessment of all the pros and cons before you make a huge change in your life. This year make a motto to learn from your mistakes as there is no other better teacher from your own experiences.

Be careful

This year be careful from taking extreme financial risks or betting and stay away from any speculation based transactions. Avoid lending money to anyone and rather invest them in some profitable and secured investments. The period between June and September may not be quite good for you as there will be lot of confusion, so avoid taking any major decision during this period. In case you want to indulge in any major financial project or a domestic plan try to materialize them only after August. Do consult your personal stars before taking any major decisions. It is very important to take the ground realities in account and be aware of the possible consequences before taking any major decisions.

Taurus Love and Relationships 2015

Running away from commitments may not be a good thing to do this year as the more you run the more you will be pulled towards it. In the domain of love and relationship, this year it is best to face them courageously rather than running away from them as they will only pull you closer to them. In case you really want to end something it is advisable to do so in the first quarter of the year. In case of starting a new relationship as well make sure you take care of all aspects before you take the plunge. If you are planning to take your relationship to the next level the right time would be during the second quarter of the year. Those who are already in a relationship may find it becoming stronger than before. In case you are not happy with your existing relationship you will be able to sort out all the differences this year. Matters of the heart should be taken seriously and in case you are having a rough time it is always advisable to talk out the matters. It is also a good idea to take some time off and go for a holiday with your partner so that you can smoothen your relationship and mend all the cracks that have appeared. The best time to do this would be between the months of May and July.

Taurus Finance in 2015

Financially this year may not be able to meet all your expectations but you need not give up all the hope. You will have a comfortable financial year. Because of the position of Saturn in the retrograde mode there may be some constraints, especially from March onwards. For businessmen it is important to exercise caution while implementing the projects or any kind of developmental activities. The period after March is better for financial stability and you will have favourable transits until the end of September. There will be an increase in monetary flow and businessmen will also benefits as their investments will fetch them good results. In the last quarter there might be unplanned expenses however the monetary gains will help you recover them.

Taurus - Business in 2015

For businessmen this is a mixed year. On one hand they will experience an increase in their turnover and customer base but they may also experience some setbacks and some fluctuations. To be able to survive you will have to be competitive and might even have to cut down on your profits. In the first half of the year pay attention to any expansion activity you might have in mind while in the second half keep an eye on your stock. Be alert and avoid hoarding as there can be many price fluctuations. Those who are in the service industry and tertiary sector there can be many good opportunities coming your way. It is important for you to move along with the changing business trends and scenario and update yourself as the situations demands.

Taurus Career and Education

In the field of career and education there can be mixed results with opportunities and challenges coming along at the same time. In you are looking for a change in your job it is advisable to be very patient. You may not be too comfortable in your position and will look for a change. You can expect a major change in your responsibilities this year. You need to be very careful between the period of 15th June and end of Juy as the competition is tough. The first quarter will be quite demanding for you.

In the field of education this is a favourable year for you. Keep yourself away from distractions and keep your focus on studies. For those in the final year of their graduation or school they need to put in extra effort to overcome all the challenges that might come their way. All those who are aspiring for higher education need to have proper motivation and guidance to succeed.

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