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2014 Taurus (Vrishabha) Yearly Horoscope

2014 is a mixed year for the Taurus. It can yield both good and bad results for them. Their practical and conservative nature will help them deal with problems and minimize their negative effect. It would be a good idea for them to consult an adult whenever they are in trouble, as it would be easier for them to sail out of crisis with their help. They should plan their activities and set their priorities straight. The second half of the year will be much better than the first half. They should control their over anxiety to avoid any unnecessary damages as they tend to go overboard.

2014 Career horoscope, incomes and gains for Taurus the influence of Jupiter can bring sudden financial gains for Taurus this year. There can be a surge in sudden and unexpected income, mostly through commissions. They will identify and explore new sources of income during this year which will be highly beneficial for them. In this process the help and support of friends can bring in a lot more gains and can be very helpful. They will get the charge and enthusiasm to start new business activities. It is especially more beneficial for people who are engaged in professions like hotel and tourism, education and other service industries. They need to further invest their income to earn more and more profit. They should refrain from lending their money to other as it might not be a profitable act. Along with all the financial gains, they might also inherit some pending debts or inheritance from their elders. Their constructive thinking will yield them great results and their ability to take bold decisions will bring further financial gains for them.

The influence of Saturn on them will yield great financial gains for them. People who work in the field of logistics, international trade, pharmacy etc are expected to make more gains than the rest. Sometimes they may be discouraged from investing in certain industries for fear of incurring losses. It is advisable for them to be cautious and reasonable in their dealings and communications. Some of their secret enemies might try creating trouble for them. The months of July to August particularly might be problematic for them. Otherwise this year is fairly good for them in the field of finances. Timely emoluments, good appraisals, new job offers, promotions etc are on the cards for them this year. They might also get opportunities for employment abroad as well.

2014 love horoscope, family and social life for Taurus in this aspect it might not be a great year for the Taurus. Their possibility of marriage or finding a partner might get hampered due to the transit of planets. Those who are already married might face problems in their marriage or their spouses might fall sick, causing them lots of anxiety and tension. For people in love, it might not be good year for them. If they are planning to get married then it may not materialize due to resistance from the parents. It would be a good idea to go take some time out and go for a tour with the parents. This might bring some cheer and smiles into the family and social life. Those already married might expect some good news on parenthood in the second half of the year. It might be best to avoid getting into doubtful friendship which might have harmful impact on their personal and professional life. They should lead a simple life to avoid unnecessary troubles and try to bring some stability into their life. There can be frequent conflict between you and your spouse hence it is best to maintain free and open communication to avoid any misunderstandings.

2014 Taurus education horoscope and travelling this can be a pretty good year for the Students. They will be able to crack tough and competitive examinations and will be able to do well in most of their examinations. It will be a better year for students of fine arts, chemistry, engineering and aeronautical science. Short term courses like diplomas will be more beneficial for them than long term courses. They need to give more importance to the practical side of education. In the area of higher education it will also be a good year for students. Those aspiring to study abroad might see their dream come true as they will get opportunities to study in foreign universities. They need to be careful into what they are getting and the choices they are making in terms of education. Those who have backlogs can clear them during this year as things will be in their favour. Those studying occult subjects and mystic sciences will do much better than the rest. Overall it is a good year for the students as they will be able to make great progress in their studies, get courses of their dreams and get into colleges and universities of their choices.

2014 Taurus health horoscope Tartans are generally healthy people by nature. However their overindulgence in food might cause health related problems to them. Some of the common health problems for them during this year can be hernia, gastritis, kidney stones, bladder problems, pancreatitis etc. They need to be careful about their intake of food and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid all these health problems. They should keep proper focus on their health and never ignore it for the sake of business or career. Avoiding toxic food and doing regular exercise can be a very good option. It will help them overcome many health issues.

In general 2014 is a good year for the Taurus. In terms of financial gain they will do well. Their career and education will also get a boost. Some problems may be there in their personal life but it will not cause much trouble for them. With some dedication and honesty they can solve all their problems and get past through all their problems.

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25 October 2014
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