29 Nov 2015      
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2015 Libra (Tula) Yearly Horoscope
This can be a tough year for you, especially trying to balance your professional and personal life, but at the end all the struggle will leave you a lot richer with experience. You need to be smart and apply the same in all aspects of life, be it professional or personal. This will help you achieve success in all aspects of life. You might see a slight increase in your expenses this year and you need to be a little careful to handle the situation. Rahu's effect will help you stay stronger and overcome all the obstacles this year.

Your time in the Sun

People around you will acknowledge your abilities and shall start giving you credits for them, but ensure that all this does not make you aggressive or arrogant. You are likely to get some good opportunities around the month of April. Whether you are a professional or a businessman you will get good opportunities which in turn will get good experience for you. The second half of the year is going to be much better for you as you will be able to handle things in a much better manner. Financially it will be a comfortable year for you, inspite of your expenses being on the rise.

Be careful!

You might cooperate with everyone but still may not be making any progress inspite of that, so this might make you a bit aggressive. You want to send out a message that you cannot be taken for granted. It is advisable not to be too aggressive or it might backfire. Try to maintain your cool and focus on your work. Be patient and all your hard work will be rewarded. Always try to be soft spoken with people and all your hard work will be noticed and rewarded and you don't have to do anything extra for that. If you are planning to change you job it would be advisable not to jump to conclusions too early and carefully weigh the pros and cons of such actions.

Libra Love and Relationships in 2015

For all those who are single this can be a beneficial year for you this year as you might be lucky to find for yourself a suitable partner. For those who are lucky you might stumble upon your old school friend only to discover that your relationship will become stronger and better. It might even turn into a much meaningful emotional and even romantic attachment. The 3rd quarter of the year should be particularly better if you are planning to start a new relationship as you will be able to forge some meaningful relationships then. There are also chances where your patience will be tested and you might get into misunderstandings but eventually you will come out of all this. The best option is to stay cool and focussed. Married couples won't find this year too much problematic and everything will be smooth for them. There might be minor ego clashes here and there but it won't be too serious to pay attention. You might get into some arguments with your loved ones so you should try to be not too hurtful and always be graceful and compassionate. This will help you maintain harmony in your personal life. Around September you can try to soothe out your differences as things will be favourable then and it is also a good time to enjoy your conjugal life. It would be advisable to take some few outstation trips as this will help the two of you come closer and get rid of any differences you might have.

Libra Finance in 2015

Financially this is quite a good and stable year for you. You might not earn too much but neither will you have any major or unforeseen expenses. In the first quarter you will make unforeseen financial gains and increase your profits, especially in the month of March. In case you have been trying to take a loan and buy a house this is the best year for you. It is also a pretty good year for the freelancers as they will get some pretty good and lucrative offers. Money will not come too easy for you and you will work hard to earn it. It is good to plan your budget and manage your resources accordingly.

Libra Business in 2015

If you are a businessman this is going to be a great year for you. Your plans of diversifying and expanding your operations and product will come true this year as there market conditions will be really good and receptive to all your plans. Your turnovers will increase and so will your profits. You might also get opportunities to travel for business and these trips will be highly beneficial for you. You will find a new courage and motivation to excel in your business. There is no substitute for hard work, so here also you will have to put in some hard work and in return you will get the expected results.

Libra Career and education in 2015

In the field of career this can be a pretty good year as well. You will find lots of optimism and energy to deal with situations this year and might even have to shoulder some extra responsibilities and take new initiatives. This will help you create some positive impression in the mind of the superiors which will have positive results for you. Your relationship with colleagues will improve and you might even land a new job for yourself. Avoid taking things for granted and being careless in your job. You need to be very careful and meticulous about your career. Your workload might increase and you might have to put in more concentration and dedication but all this will eventually pay off.

For students also this is a pretty good year. If you are expecting results there can be some good news for you. Those who are in higher studies and pursing their research can expect some positive things to happen in their life but they need to stay away from distractions.

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