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2014 Libra (Tula) Yearly Horoscope

2014 would be a normal year for the Libra, neither too exciting nor too dull. There might not be extraordinary achievements in their careers or personal life and neither too much improvement in their financial status. However they will do well and will experience normal developments in their life. In areas of work they might just continue with what they have without being able to take any extra responsibility. Libras are known to be calm, composed and peace lovers. They will try to sort every problem in a peaceful way through open communication. Sometimes too much tension might spoil their peace but they will not lose their true self and will fight back. In spite of all the tensions they might have to face they will make good improvements in their career as well as personal life.

2014 Libra Career horoscope, income and gains in areas of career, finance and income also, this is a normal year for them. Results might vary between normal and better during different times of the year. They will get changes to connect with some important and useful people and thus improve their networking, which will yield positive results for them. They will do great in areas where they have to negotiate as it will add to their talent. There will be plenty of appreciations from their superiors who will respect and value their work. All their past experience and knowledge will come in handy this year and it will play a major role in their career advancement. All the hard work and efforts they make in the first half of the year will eventually get fulfilled in the second half. There are also chances of constructing a new house with a little bit of loan from the bank. In office they will be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and will be made in-charge of important projects and assignments. This will be a better year for those involved in careers like acting, fine arts, foreign trade and contractual works. They will get plenty of opportunities to prove themselves in the second half of the year. They will come up with intelligent and efficient strategies to handle their work and achieve great results. All this success might sometime get into their head and they might acquire a false pride about themselves which will hamper their relationship with others. They should try their best to stay away from all this and focus more on their work. They might acquire selfish nature which will have serious implications for their relations with others. People might try to misinterpret or misread their signals and actions which will cause harm for them.

2014 Libra Love horoscope, family and social life 2014 is not a very great year of Libras in this sphere of life. There can be plenty of unpleasant experience in family and love life this year. It Is better for them to stay away from getting into relationships this year as it may not last long. Heartbreaks and heart aches are common this time. For this reason they should be careful in selecting their partners and lovers this time. For the married, their relationship with the spouse may not be on a smooth plane and there might be plenty of conflicts between them. Issues of suspicion, lack of trust, arguments and disagreements will be quite frequent between them. A lot of patience and understanding is required for them to handle their relationship with their spouse or partner this year. It is of vital importance to have a smooth and open communication between them to sort any kind of issues that might come along their way. Their social life may not be on a great plane this year and disturbances will be quite frequent. However they will earn good respect and importance among their own caste and creed.

2014 Libra education horoscope and travelling Libra's biggest enemy this year in the field of education will be lack of interest and indiscipline. Because of these issues they may underperform in their studies. It would be a normal year for them without any major achievements or results for them. They might lower grades or marks than what they actually are capable of. It is important for them to identify their talents and make best use of it. There can be some miscommunication between them and their teacher or trainer which might hamper their performance. This is a comparatively good year for those students who are studying IT, Human Resources, Aeronautical engineering, cosmology etc. Those in higher education or Phd will face delay in completion of their work.

In the field of travelling they may get plenty of opportunities to undertake a journey but they would rather prefer to stay at home and relax. They might even get changes of going abroad, mostly visiting religious places and holy shrines. They should be careful while travelling as there is chance of losing their luggage or travel documents. They also need to be careful of pick pockets. Most of their travel will be towards west or south-west directions.

2014 Libra Health horoscope Health-wise some of the problems they will face this year would be dizziness and inactive digestion. Sometimes they will also suffer through constipation or other problems related to digestion or stomach. They should avoid spicy food as much as possible and should adhere to a healthy diet. Exercising regularly will be highly beneficial for their health. Yoga, Pranayama and medication will be highly beneficial for them this year. A healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is the key to remain fit and strong. They should adhere to a strict routine and healthy diet all through the year.

In general 2014 is a normal year for the Libra. There will be success in some areas of life while in some areas they may have to face disappointments. But their patient and peaceful nature will help them deal with most of their problems. They should remain focused and determined and should not lose hope with minor issues.

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23 October 2014
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