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2014 Aquarius (Kumbha) Yearly Horoscope

2014 is going to be one hell of a year for the Aquarius. There will be plenty of activity in their life and sometimes it will be difficult of them to handle it. There will be major transition of planets this year which will have profound impact on their lives. For people as patient as them it will create lots of turmoil in their life. They should think positive and remain cool and calm to deal with such situations. If they want to make their life comfortable they should not lose their focus and remain committed. Aquarius people are known for their forward thinking which will be very handy this year for them. They need to use their talents strategically to be able to deal with all the happenings in their life. They will get some support from their friends and family to deal with such situations, so it might not be too bad for them altogether.

2014 Aquarius career horoscope, incomes and gains they might see some of their plans getting executed this year. They will make some resolutions and stick to it for once this year as this would be important for them to better their life. Good thoughts and deeds will help them solve their problems and get over difficult situations in life. Their hard work and dedication will fetch them good financial prosperity. All their previous investments will bring them handsome returns. All their old debts will get cleared and any money stuck will also find its way to them. For those in business, it will be a good year as they will be able to expand their business and increase their earnings. They will be able to deal with their enemies without offending them too much. Their job satisfaction will increase and they might even land a government job for themselves. This year is fairly good year for them in matters of job, finance and career. Business will bring unexpected handsome profits, there will be diversification in career, they will get a chance to learn new tricks of the trade. People who use creativity and imagination in their work will be able to do extremely well this year. Some of the professions where they will shine are astrology, writing, economics, commerce and metallurgy.

They will also have their own share of problems in their job and careers. There might be too much pressure and panic in their job at times. They might want to change or quit their job. Their superiors might not listen to them or recognize their work. Some of their colleagues might become jealous and mean. Personal life may affect their professional performance. Those who are looking for prospects in foreign countries may see their dreams come true. Their results in career performance may be on and off.

2014 Aquarius love horoscope, family and social life in this front, 2014 is going to be a normal year for them. Their relationship with their spouse will improve and they will be able to strengthen their bond. Those looking for getting divorce will also find it easy to do so, but only in the second half of the year. The bachelors and those who are single will be able to find a suitable partner for them. Sometimes children or other family members or relatives might causedissatisfaction to them. Their social status will improve and they will do well. It is important for them to focus more on their relationship with their spouse and children. They can go for family holidays or joint outings to enhance their bond and enjoy some good and quality family time. They might have to undergo separation from their loved ones. But these separations will be only temporary and it will be for good reasons. They should be careful with new friends and new relationships that they might build this year. They should not trust these new friends easily. In general it will be a year of both happiness and anxiety for the Aquarius and their family.

2014 Aquarius education horoscope and travelling Educationally this will be a good year for the Aquarius. They will achieve outstanding results and see all their aspirations coming true. They will be able to study their favourite subjects and acquire great knowledge. They will also get opportunity to study in reputed institutions. They will also be able to successfully pass competitive examinations which will enhance their confidence. They might have to face some obstacle in their research work as it might get prolonged. If they have been dreaming of going to foreign for studies then it might come true and they might get chances. There might be distractions on the way but they should not lose their focus. Students studying literature, archaeology, cosmology and medicine will do comparatively better then students of other discipline.

For those who love travelling, it will be a good year for them. They will get plenty of opportunities to travel far and wide this year, mostly to beautiful landscapes and locations. They will also get opportunity to visit holy and historical places and also foreign destinations, mostly in the west. Sometimes there might be minor disturbances in their journey so they should be prepared well and plan in advance.

2014 Aquarius health horoscope Health wise this might be a troubling year for them. Their immunity levels will go down and it will become easy for them to catch various diseases. Most of their health problems will be related to their heart and reproductive organs. Women will have complications in their menstrual cycle and experience profuse bleeding. They should eat food rich in iron and other healthy fruits and vegetables to keep themselves fit and fine.

In general 2014 will be a year full of various activities for the Aquarius, be it in the personal or professional life. Right from their relationship with their partners and spouses to their superior and subordinates will see a lot of things happening. They should remain calm and cool to get through all of these situations.

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23 November 2014
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