28 Nov 2015      
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2015 Aquarius (Kumbha) Yearly Horoscope

This year will bring in lots of opportunities for you to speculate and take chances. You will get a chance to enjoy every moment of your life. The planetary positions are favourable for you to take new risks and enter into unusual ventures. Your personality will play a long role in determining your success and your income wont play a big role in it. You will have favourable impact from your stars and will also get a change to reap all the benefits of your hard work. You should take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way and never let go off anything by not utilizing it properly. Right from the start of the year things will move in an excellent manner for you. All your work will be flawless and you will receive plenty of awards for your hard world. There can be some limitations in terms of monetary benefits and for couples this will be a good and comfortable year.

Your time in the Sun

This year you will receive all the rewards for your hard work and serious efforts that you have put in the past. The planetary movements and the position of the stars are quite favourable for you and it will help you accomplish all your tasks more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy every moment of the good times that lies ahead of you and spend the year in a fantastic manner.

Be careful!

You might lose out on some of the good opportunities that will come along your way because of your need to enhance your individuality. In the third quarter of the year you might face difficulties in meeting the deadlines in your work. If you are a businessman keep an eye on market fluctuations and handle your inventory carefully to avoid any unexpected loss. Keep a vigilant eye on your finances as there might be unpleasant matters in terms of finances and monetary matters.

Aquarius love and relationships in 2015

This is a good year for love birds and they can expect some really good news. There are changes that love relationships will bloom this year. Those who are single may get positive reply from their crush or will get the courage to express their long supressed love. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to give a boost to any new romantic relationship. There are also chances that your old relationship may bloom into a new romantic relationship, meaning you might find the love of your life in an old childhood friend. In case you are planning to get married it is advisable to get a personal reading of your horoscope so that you are able to make the right decision. This year there is a favourable influence of the planet Venus, hence there will be plenty of good things happening in your love life. For the married ones also it is an equally good year as they will find the love and passion being renewed. Your past feelings will get revived and personal relationships will get stronger than ever. There are changes of ego clashes between partners but it will not be too damaging.

Aquarius Finance in 2015

With Jupiter being in retrograde mode there will not be much favourable activity on the monetary front this year. But with the positive influence of Mercury you might expect some positivity. There might be some extra money coming your way which will help you meet some of the unexpected expenses and sort out some of your financial problems. Financially there will be mixed results for you this year. It would be a good idea not to put all your eggs in one basket and be careful while spending your resources. If you are not good at your finances plan it out well so that you dont have to be in a fix. In the second half of the year freelancers will have a tough time whereas it will be good for people who are in service. They might even receive a promotion and a salary hike. In the second quarter you can make fresh investments and can expect a good return on them. Stay away from taking loans as it might not bring good deals for you.

Aquarius Business in 2015

If you are a businessman this can be a good year for you. You will see a rise in your profits and an expansion in your business activity. The starting of the year will bring good results for you. If you are involved in overseas business you will receive good results. There are chances of foreign travel for business which can get you a good deal. Those in partnership business may expect some slack in their business due to differences in their opinions as they may not be able to take decisions on time. It is best for them to keep aside their differences and come to an understanding. This will help you cut down any loses that might come your way.

Aquarius Career and Education in 2015

You natural skills will never be a substitute for hard work; this is one of the important lessons you are going to learn this year. If you have not been sincere and dedicated about your work its time to get rid of such attitude and be serious about your work. In case you are thinking about changing your work the first six months are favourable for you. Be ready to face any challenges and take on new responsibilities. Changing your job is a big decision and it is advisable to give it considerable thought before taking the big leap. There are also chances of traveling abroad for new projects related to your work.

In academics this can be a tough year for students. You might find it hard to concentrate on your studies and thus difficulty in getting the desired results. If you are really serious about your academics then get proper help and ensure that you do not lose the seriousness about your studies.

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