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2016 Aquarius (Kumbha) Yearly Horoscope

The year of 2016 is all set to begin and the prediction on the other hand is ready to give you an overview of what your year would be like, so let's start with the movement of planets, as it foretells that year would begin with transition of Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. Till 31st of January they would reside in their own signs and then movement would begin as Rahu would travel in Leo and Ketu would be posited in Aquarius, the movement is sure to affect the life, so let's discuss what it has to say to Aquarians.

Shani Sade Sati/Dhaiya: None of the two is present.

Negative aspect: Can't stand interference

Positive aspect: Leadership attitude & confidence

Lucky no: 3

Warning: Be realistic and avoid being apparent with irrational individual. Don't over think on small issues as it might your goal and prospect.

Remedy: Offer rice and white cloths to your religious place. Wear yellow sapphire.

Colors to be avoided: Green & white are to be avoided

Direction: North-east

Eatables: Eat Healthy, Regularly and Balance Diet.

Aquarius Horoscope 2016 for Family

The year 2016 for family looks very normal for Aquarians as unconditional support would come from their end, which would be amazing thing to experience, beside that their handful support would be there till the end and that would give you a mental peace. The transition of Rahu will be a dominant species in 7th house but transition of Jupiter till August would make your married life blissful and stable. The prediction for Aquarians suggests that conjugal life would be blooming but disparity of thoughts would yield its ground after August. The relation with you parents would be cordial and it would remain blissful, the quality time spend between would bring all your relatives together under a single roof and things would go according to your thoughts and desire.

Health Horoscope for Aquarius 2016

The prediction of Aquarians health for this year looks fruitful throughout however the problems with genitals or brain would be the thing that you need to be careful of. The course of simple ailments like headache, indigestion and pain in eyes would be something that you need to deal with care. To control all the incoming threats Aquarians need to drink lot of water and we would suggest you to give up on smoking and drinking, since you get quiet addicted to the things you intake so it's better to leave it or have control on it or else the podium of longevity does not seem to applause an effort of your health.

Finance Predictions for Aquarius 2016

The financial, which we understand one of the strong points to provide stability in life and for Aquarians the year looks good as far as financial quorum is concern. The kind suggestion that we would like to give to Aquarians is better control on your humble approach as far as financial matters are concern, don't get too kind towards other. We understand you have a golden heart and you would definitely love to help people but compromising with own situation to led someone sail the boat is not a good idea so keep that thing in mind. Make sure you don't let your capital flow like water as it is very hard to work but all it takes is minutes to waste it. Till August Aquarians need to be very careful and by no chance you should lend money to anybody. The profit seems to be coming your way but for how long you would be able to keep it is the question so better be careful with all your financial decisions.

Professional Life Astrology for Aquarius 2016

Aquarians going through Dasha of Saturn could enjoy their life because for coming 4-5 years you would have an excellent run contrary to that natives going through Jupiter Dasha would have to face bit of problems but progress will be there. The prediction suggests that Aquarians going through Dasha of Ketu would face a major problems so in all, the year is not looking great for those associated with job or things related with job. Promotion would come your way and increment in salary would add sugar to your cake.

Business Life Predictions for Aquarius 2016

From prospect of business the year 2016 is looking great as luck would come all the way to your door and Aquarians going through Saturn's Dasha would have all the things they would love to. For Aquarians going through Ketu's Dasha, the year is not looking great but be happy, as money would come continuously in your way and you will love the consistency of it. To make most from the year, you need to keep good relation with your business partners. After August things would go the other way but it would be good if you will take things positively and would show maturity to handle things.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2016

The bond of romance would remain normal for Aquarians as your tight schedule would keep you busy and frankly you would not get much of time to get into love and romance. If you are already in relationship than things would not change much and if you are in love with someone and wish to express it, than 2016 looks perfect to fetch an opportunity as things are looking much positive and surely you would hear good news from the opposite sex. Aquarians in conjugal life need to maintain transparency in their relationship any sort of misunderstanding would create a major thrift and may lead to separation so beware.

Predictions for Sex Life

The sexual life would be awesome as pleasures would bestow the rain of romance over you, the sexual desires would lump more and more which in turn would provoke your spouse to love you in most sophisticated way. The bond and intimacy with your sweetheart would get into pole but we would suggest you don't get hook into as it may affect your health so better control your desire and exercise when it is needed.

Aquarius, Dates you need to be cautious on

Aquarians should avoid making investment from April 30 to July 13 and September 12 to October 10. Some of you going through Mahadasha of Jupiter, should not initiate anything new from January 8 to May 9, beside that don't lend money to anyone during this phase, better keep your mind cool and don't get into tussle when Moon is in Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

Remedy for Aquarius for 2016

Recite Hanuman Chalisha, if Saturn is your ascendant besides that chanting of Ramcharit Manas on the other way would do a great help to get things under control. Regular chanting of Devi Kavach to please Maa Durga would bring goodness of luck.

Aquarius Characteristics in 2016

Since Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, Aquarians usually have strong and magnetic personalities, they are intelligent set of creatures, the concise is clear and they talk logical things. Aquarians does not like being intervened as they like things to go their way.

Now let see what monthly horoscope has got for you and how you can avoid the trauma of planetary movements.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope 2016

Aquarius Horoscope January 2016

The month of January is favourable to save pocket to increase your bank balance, the prediction for the month of January foretells that you may feel confused at times and such condition might put you in chain of dilemma. Looking at your family cards, things would go average, your fortune states that you would put trust in others than your loved loves and such condition would bring differences of thought in family circle, so better avoid that. We would suggest Aquarians to be more careful while travelling the distance, some tussle is possible with your parents and problems could come in your work front, the best thing you could do is avoid taking risk on matters where you are not sure.

Aquarius Horoscope February 2016

The financial sector seems to be improving as you would push forward to get things under your belt. Aquarians might put question ay their own efficiency and would put themselves in test to see how long it would hold it. The prediction could see loss coming in sector of business, so businessmen, be careful about that. We would suggest you to avoid going on useless trips as they would reap nothing rather it would lose your pocket. You could face problems in completing important tasks beside that your enemies are looking well on their way to harm your image in society. Keep your prospects under control and don't ride on the shoe of luck. The month look busy as you would go on regular outings with friends.

Aquarius Horoscope March 2016

As far as health is concern, than the month of March is looking absolutely brilliant for you, Aquarians in technical line would enjoy great success and they would have great reputation in work front. You would enjoying this month with your friends and company workers however it is best suggested to take control on such habit as it would empty your pocket. Some health issues related with your mother could come out so be careful, be alert as your enemies are still on charge and they might plan different things to get you, problems are also seem building with your relatives as differences of thought would develop between you.

Aquarius Horoscope April 2016

The month would bring happy news for you, as your stars are doing well and the yoga of motion would bring promotion for you beside that you would be seeing gaining wealth and prosperity however the burden of expenses does not seem to set aside. Peace and love would prevail in family and it would maintain the consistency overall. Issues related to health may spur up expenses but you cannot neglect your health. Some of your might go to bank to apply for loan to accomplish your dreams and projects, your hard work holds the key to success, investment in stock market would be a good idea to talk about.

Aquarius Horoscope May 2016

The beginning of May would bring bliss in your life and as per the prediction your income would increase and you can expect to make good money. Your mind would foster you to reschedule some important works, we would suggest Aquarians not to invest money this month better work on idea of savings. Plan would hit your mind as you would think of going on vacation with your family. For businessman, the month of May is looking fantabulous as profits and success would follow your steps. Money would reach your door via betting and profitable deals could come from stock market, students would get desired results according to their hard work.

Aquarius Horoscope June 2016

The month seems to be very rewarding as far as financial matter is concern, the prediction states that you would earn returns via stock market and betting. Time is looking absolutely good for taking loan so we would suggest you to go ahead with your plans. The expenses are likely to increase this month, so there is no stopping it. Natives trying to get into their desired jobs would hear good news beside that the constellation says that Journeys are looking this month for Aquarians.

Aquarius Horoscope July 2016

As per the horoscope for the month of June, Aquarians would have to work hard to get the best result this month to put in other ways, the smart work would add fame and recognition while laziness and idle thoughts could lower your progress. July would be a challenging month for Aquarians which could be overcome if you fight with daring spirits. Adversaries are growing in number but you don't need to worry because things would be back into normal during the second phase of this month. You would get assistance and guidance from powerful people so don't forget to make most of it as it may spur more opportunities in your life. Income would start increase from the midst of the month.

Aquarius Horoscope August 2016

August would be full of surprises for students and service class people, students would get desired results of their hard work and service men can expect good news from this month. For natives who are engaged in jobs, make sure to understand that success would come your way with assistance from your seniors. The prediction suggests that, there would be an increment in salary or you may get promoted to higher post. Friends would help you to boost you up and your confidence would come back in track. Aquarians suffering from some ailments or health issue would have their final say as month would bid goodbye to all the disease. Couples looking to get bless with a child would get positive news.

Aquarius Horoscope September 2016

Entertainment and field of media is ready to welcome you Aquarians beside that you would take time out to help the needy and charity work would give you satisfaction of soul. If you are a student then you could apply for foreign universities. Rise in confidence is something that you should be proud of, name and fame would follow your way. The prediction suggests you to refrain yourself from bad company, female would spend money on buying cosmetic and would focus more on enhancing their beauty.

Aquarius Horoscope October 2016

The prediction suggests that progress would follow your shoes however some ups and downs is possible. Legal issues come to bite your head so stay away from it. Ancestral property could lead some problems in familiar life. You could expect to get returns from your previous account, income would remain sustainable beside that businessman could expect success this month. your spouse might get trouble by some health issue.

Aquarius Horoscope November 2016

Expenses need to put under control this month, the prediction suggest that you would be more into creative things this months and if you are feeling lazy about doing things than take a rest. Be polite as far as sharing relation and words are concern as people around you may not love your way of talking. Harmony and peace would be missing this month as far as family life is concern, beside that the month is looking amazingly good to participate in competitive exams or in debates.

Aquarius Horoscope December 2016

The month would be full of surprise as unexpected things are likely make its way in your life, the prediction suggest that don't depend on luck rather do all your work by putting your hard work. Aquarians would face hard times to bond with family so be calm and composed. The official mood is also not looking good so take an initiative to deal with such issues. Pilgrimage plan is very much on the card of fortune beside that you would concentrate more on improving things in livelihood. Tiffs could be possible with business partner so take control on everything.

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