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Taurus Horoscope (April 21 May 21)

Taurus (April 21 May 21) are the artistic kind who love all the fine pleasures of the world. It is the second sign of the zodiac and is all about rewards, pleasures, sensuality, comfort and other good things of life. They are sensual, tender and like being pampered. The Bull is the sign of the Taurus and just like its mascot, they are physically well built and at the same time stubborn as well. They have a strong will power and determination. It is very difficult to buzz them off once they have taken their stand. Theres no looking back for them once they are on their way. They also love authority, power and control and like things to be done their way. They are also very practical and reliable. They can be trusted with anything and they will never let those people down who trust them. They are also very caring, soft at heart and emotional human beings.

Taurians love to live life the king size. They have a very good aesthetic sense and want their surroundings to be beautiful and pleasing. They are quite artistic and can bring out the beauty from almost anything around them. They pay attention to their looks and outer appearance and take pleasure in pampering themselves. They are also great foodies and love to eat sumptuous meals. They work very hard and with full dedication, and when they achieve their goals, they reward themselves handsomely. They are very self-indulgent and bury themselves in thing they like after a hard days work. They crave for stability and security in life and take great pains to ensure that their life is well secured. They are not the best risk takers and like to play it safe. For them a good life is a beautiful home, loving family and a secured future. These are the things they strive for in life.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus was also the ancient roman god of beauty love and pleasure. All these characteristics are inherent in them. Beauty to them comes naturally and pleasure is the biggest reward for them. They try to avoid conflict as much as possible and love to live in harmony and peace. They like making the people around them, especially their loved ones happy and contented. They can go to any extent to ensure that their loved ones.

In love they can be very caring and protective about their mate. They will always put their lover before themselves and will do anything for them. However they can also become very possessive about their loved ones which can sometimes create tension in the relationships, especially if their partner is a freedom loving independent person. However they are the best and the most truthful lover one can have. They are selfless, independent, intelligent, caring, artistic and philanthropic human beings. However they can also be stubborn, jealous, resentful, possessive and greedy. They are the most loyal friends one can have and one of the best people to be in relationships with.

More on Taurus

Taurus Traits - People belonging to the category of Taurus are known for some of their strong traits like practicality, reliability and strong focus on their ambition.

Taurus Nature - Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and are symbolically represented by Bulls, however do not confuse yourself with the symbol or a rough and tough bull.

Taurus Lifestyle - Taureans are great foodies. They need to eat proper food to keep them self fit and healthy.

Taurus Facts - Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is symbolically represented by the bull. Just like their mascot, they are strong, determined and indomitable.

Taurus Description - Taurus (Vrishabha) is the second sign of the zodiac and individuals born in this sign are very creative, intelligent, determined and strong willed.

Taurus Career - Taurus belongs to the earth sign, which is considered to be a workaholic sign, hence they are very dedicated and sincere about their work.

Taurus Romance - Taurus is one of the most romantic of all the zodiac signs; however their style of romance is quite different from the others.

Taurus Relationship - The Taurians take a long time to fall in a relationship. They never hurry before committing themselves and weigh every option before they say yes.

Taurus Love Horoscope - Lessons they can give in love - some of the things that we can learn in love from Taurus are stability, solidarity and creativity.

Taurus Man - "Little boys play around but real men settles down." This is the mantra that a true Taurus Men chants.

Taurus Woman - There is a famous saying that "Dog and a Taurus woman are the only two things that can remain loyal in anyones life."

Taurus Decans - Those born between April 21st and April 30th Taurians born between these days are ruled by the planet Venus, hence these people are considered to be passionate and sensual.

Taurus Moon Sign - Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is considered to be a very strong and determined sign.

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