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Healing Stones / Crystals

Healing stones or crystals have been used by humans for centuries. It is an age old tradition used by different cultures from all over the world. It was used by priests, priestesses, kings and commoners. Regarded and used with great reverence for their healing and various other spiritual purposes, healing stones played a major role in our human civilization. There are various types of stones, each having its own special healing properties. In the last few decades, healing stones or crystal therapy is being used as an alternative healing and it is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world.

Importance of healing stones

Healing stones have started to play an important role in providing alternative or holistic healing to people who have opted not to use the traditional medicines or if the traditional medicines have failed. The Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Tibetans, Indians and other ancient cultures were aware of the healing properties of these stones and used them in their everyday life. Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic medicine system, which is very popular here in India, provides extensive techniques on how to prepare pastes, powders and elixirs using crystals and healing stones. Healing stones are also placed on the affected body parts, by the Ayurvedic doctors. There are numerous healing stones used by healers to treat various ailments and disorders, some of the mostly used stone and crystals are amethyst, quartz, obsidian, moonstone, citrine and many more.

Healing powers

Crystals and healing stones have been known to have great healing properties. They have been used to heal and treat various physical as well as mental disorders. To carry or wear such stones is said to be very beneficiary. Healing stones can be placed in specific body parts which are experiencing pain in order to provide relief. Specific coloured stones can be used for clearing or healing the chakras of the bodies, by placing the specific stone on the chakra. Healing stones also promotes peace and helps in dissolving mental and emotional blockages. They are also used to dispel negativity and cleansing. These stones have been used to treat chronic diseases like cancer, kidney disorder, lungs problems and many more.

Essence in our community

Ayurveda is an age old traditional medicinal practice, which started in India thousands of years ago. Crystals have been considered of great importance in Ayurvedic medicine, for emotional and physical healing. Each of the Hindu Vedas has mentioned the use and specific properties of each and every healing stones. Use of healing stones in Ayurveda is prevalent till today, it is used in making medicines and potions or directly placed on areas where the pain is being caused. Our Indian society has placed great importance on healing crystals and has been used for a very long. The knowledge and use of healing stones have been passed on from generation to generation.

Values and Things to Know About Healing Stones

Healing stones have great value in our society, it has been gaining a lot of popularity in the modern world. Healing stones have been around for a very long time, it is older than some of the modern civilizations. Many holistic healers believe that healing stones are living entity and we should treat them like one, in order to receive optimum benefits from them. Cleaning the stones after certain time or use is very necessary in order to remove the toxic energies from it. Some of the cleansing methods are keeping them in full moon light or sun light, using water with sea salt and others. Healing stones are of great importance and they provide great benefits if used properly.

Agate Agate Blue Lace Agate Fire
Agate Crazy Lace Agate Moss Agate Tree
Alexandrite Amazonite Amber
Amethyst Ametrine Andalusite
Angelite Apatite Aquamarine
Aragonite Astrophyllite Atlantisite
Aventurine Green Aventurine Red Axinite
Azurite Azurite Malachite Benitoite
Bixbite Bloodstone Calcite Blue
Calcite Green Calcite Orange Calcite Red
Carnelian Cassiterite Celestite
Chalcedony Blue Chalcedony Pink Chrysocolla
Chrysoprase Citrine Clinohumite
Danburite Diopside Dioptase
Dumortierite Feldspar Fluorite
Garnet Hambergite Hematite
Howlite Howlite Blue Idocrase
Iolite Jade Lavender Jade Nephrite
Jasper Brecciated Jasper Dalmatian Jasper Mookaite
Jasper Ocean Jasper Picasso Jasper Picture
Jasper Red Jasper Yellow Jasper Zebra
Kornerupine Kunzite Kunzite Pink
Kyanite Labradorite Lapis Lazuli
Larimar Lepidolite Malachite
Merlinite Moissanite Natural Moldavite
Moonstone Morganite Muscovite Red
Olivine Opalite Obsidian Black
Obsidian Gold Sheen Obsidian Silver Sheen Obsidian Snowflake
Peridot Petrified Wood Phantom Quartz
Prehnite Pyrite Quartz
Quartz (Aqua Aura) Quartz Rose Quartz Rutilated
Quartz Smoky Quartz Snow Rhodochrosite
Rhodonite Sardonyx Selenite
Seraphinite Serpentine Russian Smithsonite Pink
Sodalite Spinel Sugilite
Sunstone Tanzine Aura Quartz Thulite
Tiger Eyes Tiger Eye Blue Tiger Eye Red
Tiger Iron Tourmaline Tourmaline Black
Tourmaline Green Tourmaline Multi Coloured Tourmaline Pink
Unakite Variscite Zeolite
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