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Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio (October 24 to November 22) is the 8th sigh of the Zodiac. People belonging to this zodiac sigh are one of the most independent people who can do anything and everything on their own. Some of their positive qualities are loyalty, being passionate and helpful, resourceful, observant and dynamic, and ever ready to adapt to any situation. However they are also jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative, rigid and unyielding. Being lonely and working on their own without any interference is what they prefer and they are at their best when allowed to do so. Being social is not really their forte as they are very dominant and always trying to be in control. When it comes to relationships, be it friendship, love or other it is quite complicated for them. They become possessive, jealous and go to extremes in relationships, but then, they are also very loyal. You can never expect any betrayal from them. With their strong memory, they will remember everything and it is very difficult for them to let it go. So if you have ever offended them, there are very few chances that they might have forgotten of forgiven.

Dedication is one thing that keeps them driving all the time. When they commit themselves to one thing they will complete it, and not just for the sake of it, but complete it with high precision. Once they have decided a goal for themselves, they will not rest until they have achieved them. Dedication, determination, persistence, strong will power are some of their greatest strengths which keeps them moving all the time. They are ever ready and confident to meet and face any challenges. Their emotions are very strong and they are very sensitive, perceptive, imaginative and intuitive. They are serious about life and work and hence are hardly found wasting their time on irrelevant things. If something is not relevant or important to them, they will not waste their time pursuing it. They are very serious about their duties and responsibilities no matter how small they are. As long as they are expected to do something, they will finish it within the expected time frame. They will hardly give any chance to complain and are perfect with their work.

Trust and faithfulness are their main ingredients of their life. They provide the same to others and expect the same from others as well. They will not easily trust someone, but once you have earned their trust you have earned it for life. They can be great friends and at the same time can also be powerful enemy. They are good at hiding their emotions because of which they are misunderstood most of the time. Their life is all about intensity and contradictions. They are curious to know about new things and explore new options. They also believe in the magical and such unknown forces. They can be both good and bad and their biggest challenge is to channelize all their good qualities while keeping the bad ones at bay.

More on Scorpio

Scorpio Traits - You must be keenly waiting to know, the positive and negative traits of Scorpio. Well one thing you must keep in mind is, they are dam mysterious and very much intense in their scenery.

Scorpio Nature - These Scorpios are the people full of mystery to many people but they very daring in many things and situations they come across and as they grow older their characteristics.

Scorpio Lifestyle - The personality of scorpions are not that much attractive but they are a resourceful person with lot of knowledge content in them and also people with sharp features like they have twinkling small eyes.

Scorpio Facts - Scorpio is the sign having planet rulers as Mars and Pluto. The Scorpios are the one having numinous properties in them and genus of concealed in the gloomy.

Scorpio Description - Scorpio (Vrishschika) belong to the eighth group of zodiac sign and they are born not to be taken lightly.

Scorpio Career - When it comes to career they give the first precedence to it. Scorpions are the people having highly motivated power and are very tedious in whatever they do.

Scorpio Romance - They are mature person with a gentle and soft heart can trust anyone easily when comprise of their love relationships they are very much possessive and don't give up easily on them.

Scorpio Relationship - They are the zealous lover and believe in having deep sensation. They exudes sexuality and have extreme intimacy and seriously in their love.

Scorpio Love - Some of the important lessons that one can learn in love from the Scorpios are to be passionate, energetic and enjoy the sensual pleasure.

Scorpio Man - Scorpions have great intensity of doing their work whether its love or doing their routine thing they give their full dedication and loyalty to that stuff and have desirable and attachment to that thing in their life.

Scorpio Woman - Scorpio women are one of the most complicated women the man find difficult to tackle rather it become "task" for them to grip these ladies.

Scorpio Decans - Scorpio decans are classified into three categories they are almost having difference of 10 degree or 10 days in the categories of decans which show their different persona, prophecy and peculiar behavior of populace belonging to this sun sign born on diverse decans.

Scorpio Moon Sign - These scorpions are the people having extreme feelings and emotions. They are the one having only one relationship which they take seriously and don't believe in meaningless one.

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