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Rudrakasha Meaning A Rudrakasha is the seed of the Eliocarpus ganitrus, and is mostly famous for its religious and spiritual purposes. This seed is taken from a large evergreen broad leaved tree and is used as a prayer bead in Hinduism. It plays an important role in the life of a person who is seeking for spiritual energy and directions in life. The word Rudrakasha is a Sanskrit word which when broken down means 'Rudra' or Shiva and 'aksha' or eyes, thus in simple terms it is the eyes of Lord Shiva who is considered the destroyer in Hinduism. In India the best quality Rudrakasha in grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, especially in the Gangetic plains. However it is also grown in other parts of India and it also grows in countries like Nepal, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, Guam and Hawaii. At times they are also referred to as blueberry seeds because it is covered by outer shell of blue color when it ripens but when it dries it becomes black. The color does not come from the pigment but is mostly structural. The Rudrakasha tree grows quite quickly. It starts giving fruit in about three to four years. It can be of different types and thus of various uses and significance which is mostly determined by the number of 'mukhs' it has.

Types of Rudrakash The importance and use of Rudrakasha varies according to the number of faces they have. It can have anything between one to twenty one faces. The one with one face is considered to be the most powerful of all; however the one that is suitable for you needs to be carefully chosen as wearing the wrong one can have negative effects on your life. Most people tend to go for the one faced but it can make you aloof and lonely. The safest and commonly used is the panchmukhi, the one with five faces. It is believed to be safe for all men, women and children. For the children the six faced is more appropriate as it calms them down and channelizes their energy. It is always best to consult a professional who has all the knowledge about Rudrakasha before deciding to wear it. The Gauri Shankar type is considered to be safe and useful as it brings balance and prosperity in your life. Prosperity does not necessarily mean money, but it can be fulfillment in many other areas of life.

1 Mukhi 2 Mukhi 3 Mukhi 4 Mukhi
5 Mukhi 6 Mukhi 7 Mukhi 8 Mukhi
9 Mukhi 10 Mukhi 11 Mukhi 12 Mukhi
13 Mukhi 14 Mukhi Ganesha Gauri Shankar
Garbh Gauri Trijuti Savar Faceless / Nirakar

Importance There are a lot of importance and benefits of Rudrakasha. For the person who is constantly on the move and has irregular patterns of eating and sleeping, it acts as a continuous source of energy because it creates a cocoon of its own energy and surrounds the person who wears it. At times people have a habit where they are not able to get sleep when there is a change of location. It can be highly helpful during these times. In ancient days Sadhus and Sanyasis used to be in constant move from one place to another, and thus Rudrakasha played a major role in getting them energy and rest at the end of a tiring day when they would have exhausted with the travel. Today the same pattern seems to have engulfed many people who have to be on constant move due to their profession. At such times Rudrakasha can be highly beneficial. Another important use of Rudrakasha is to help distinguish between the pure and impure. When you hold it over a positive pranic substance it will move in a clockwise direction and when you hold it over a negative pranic substance it will move in anti-clockwise direction. This was highly beneficial for the sadhus in ancient days when they used to wander around in the forests and feel thirsty. They could not drink any water in the forest as some of them may be poisoned. Hence to check whether it was pure and drinkable or not they used to hold their Rudrakasha over it and if it moved in clockwise direction they could safely drink it.

Does Rudrakasha Really Works The correct working of a Rudrakasha depends on your choice which can be arrived by consulting the right people who have proper knowledge about it. These days there are many fake beads in the market claiming to be Rudrakasha and wearing them will bring no change in your life. However if you choose the right one and wear it properly it can have several positive effects. It is an age old tradition and a significant part of the belief of Hinduism.

Rudraksha for Profession

How to Wear Rudraksha

How to Find Genuine Rudraksha

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