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Monuments of World
Mankind has tried to keep up with the ever changing world and as we moved forward we have left milestones in history through many forms. One such form of milestone has stood the test of time making sure that the achievements and glorious past of mankind is not lost in between the folds of time are monuments. Each monument has its own historical background, cultural heritage, significance and a sense of timeless beauty captured in it. These monuments come in all shapes and sizes ranging from colossal to small, rough rock cuts to polished marbles, caves to open aired carvings, religious to celebratory, honorary to expressions of love etc. Some of the monuments are so colossal and intricately built that it baffles today's generation as to how it could be built during those ages when technology was not available giving rise to conspiracy theories about aliens and Gods helping or overseeing the work. All in all there are countless number of historical monuments scattered all over the world with their own stories, history, myths, legends, architectural styles and commemorative dates. Each one is unique in its own way and serves as a milestone for that particular region or time or ruler, builder etc.
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