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Pisces Monthly Horoscope (April, 2014)
This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Pisces moon sign. For personalized horoscope reading you can order by clicking HERE

This month you may feel shortage of energy as your focus would go to managing your professional front but on positive side your children and to some extent your health will be on right note.

Pisces horoscope for investment

As far as investment matter are concerned, past investments will not give you so much returns which you may be expecting, so it would be better not to dispose off your property at this point of time. Try to be patient before making any investment decisions and wait for better time to come.

Pisces horoscope for children

As far as children matters are concerned, month will be quite good but at times they may feel small episodes of mental disturbance due to one account or another. They may be unable to communicate their problem, so look out there needs. Soak almonds in water overnight and give them with milk in morning to enhance their mental power. Give them enough rest and tell to make time table for study and sports so that pressures can be reduced.

Pisces horoscope for health

As far as health matters are concerned, your 1st half would be quite good but in 2nd half you should take follow healthy guidelines to remain in shape and healthy. You had to avoid aggression and anger as it can give birth to BP problems. If you are heart patient, then avoid fatty foods and take medications on time.

Pisces horoscope for marital life

As far as marital matters are concerned, this month you had to balance your energies and mind and try to neglect small mistakes and that should be apply to both of you. Problems do come in life but important thing would be how we can minimize that. Do not press each other and avoid egoism for betterment of marital relations.

Pisces horoscope for Luck

As far as luck matters are concerned, unfortunately you may not get as much support you may have wanted. Visit Lord Hanuman temple on Tuesday for betterment of your luck prospects.

Pisces horoscope for career

If in job, you had to put extra amount of energy in fulfillment of your work commitments but even after putting hard work you may not get desired result and recognition and that is enough to make you depressed. You may have to face pressures from your seniors, but do not lose heart and as stated put in right amount of energy and do not lose focus. Plan out things; listen to your superiors carefully so that mistakes can be reduced.

Pisces horoscope for business

If in business, it will be a period of hard work. In this month you may not get the desired results but for betterment of your business in long run, you have to create path for yourself by working in right directions. Just put right amount of energy with hard work.

Below list of moon sign for the monthly horoscope. We provide monthly horoscope as per moon sign under Vedic Astrology System.

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18 April 2014
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