29 August 2015      
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Gemini (Mithun) Monthly Horoscope (September, 2015)
This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Gemini moon sign. For personalized horoscope reading you can order by clicking HERE

This month you will have enough stamina and energy to fulfill your day to day commitments and your focus will be on to managing your health and children while professional and marital life will remain on positive side.


As far as investment matters are concerned, this month will be quiet good to multiply your money. Before investing, look out other options and judge your needs well before investing. Read offer documents carefully. Just invest in safer instruments and for time being avoid riskier instruments. Try to avoid investing in real estate this month.


As far as children matters are concerned, it would be quite hectic and exhaustible month for children. Children may complaint of tiredness, headaches and body pain so take good care of your loved one and give balanced diet so that they remain healthy. Give them instructions to play safely else they may get some minor injuries.


As far as health matters are concerned, you should take proper care of your respiratory and nervous system. Take care of your immunity by adding Vitamin C in your diet. If you feel pain or restlessness in the body or look tired, then do consult a doctor for same. Try to maintain personal hygiene. Do not eat outside else you may catch fever. Drive your vehicle and walk carefully. Add iron rich foods in your diet.

Marital Life

As far as marital life is concerned, this month will be good for marital relations. Home atmosphere will be good and just take some time out for each other from your busy schedule, which will be enough to re-energize both of you. Overall good month for marital relations. Just do not un-neccessary force your opinion or advice on to each other and nor take advice from any body especially till 10th of this month.


As far as luck matters are concerned, this month would not give much opportunities and it would be better to forget about destiny at this point of time.


As far as career matters are concerned, this month will be far better for you. You can outclass all your office-colleagues as far as work is concerned. Just stick to your work and avid politics at your work place. Your work can be appreciated by your superiors as well. You will work with stamina and energy at your work place which will keep your going at work. Overall good month at your work place.


As far as business matters are concerned, 2nd half of the month will be quite better than the 1st half of this month. 2nd half of this month will be good for expanding your horizons and business. Your money inflows would be good and you will put your energy in your business as well. You will able to find new markets for your business as well. Overall encouraging month for business in 2nd half.

Below list of moon sign for the monthly horoscope. We provide monthly horoscope as per moon sign under Vedic Astrology System.

For yearly horoscope of Gemini zodiac sign please click here.

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