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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope (April, 2014)
This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Aquarius moon sign. For personalized horoscope reading you can order by clicking HERE

This month you will have energy and stamina and your main focus would be on to improving your career prospects. On the positive front your health will be in good shape this month.

Aquarius horoscope for investment

If you are planning to invest your money in shares or in mutual funds, hold your decision as time is not so bright for investment. If you still want to invest some money, then do so in safer instruments by judging your needs and expected returns.

Aquarius horoscope for children

As far as children matters are concerned, you will find it tough to manage your children as they will feel restless and make you restless. Satisfaction in children will be less and they will carve for more. Children will find it difficult to concentrate on one topic. You should take care that your children should get sufficient sleep so that they should not feel tired.

Aquarius horoscope for health

As far as health matters are concerned, you will be in good shape but you should take care that you should not take stress on to you else you may complaint of headaches and body pain. Try to mix socially as will with your friends and take some time out for yourself.

Aquarius horoscope for marital life

As far as marital life is concerned, 1st half of the month will be quite better than the 2nd half of the month. In 2nd half of the month, you both should try to maintain harmonious spirit and avoid putting counter allegations. Take some time out for shopping or for outing on weekends to make harmonious environment.

Aquarius horoscope for Luck

As far as luck matters are concerned, you should forget about destiny at this point of time. Helping old persons will be quite good remedy to enhance luck prospects.

Aquarius horoscope for career

If in job, this month you had to put in extra labor and efforts to complete up your work commitments but you will find yourself in messy situation as making balance between home and job will be quite difficult for you. On a whole, take one thing at a time and at job front, maintain focus on to your work and at home, avoid professional commitments.

Aquarius horoscope for business

If in business, this month will bring more pressures on to you as money inflows would be less and your business policies are not working rightly. Do not get frustrated and keep your hopes alive as when time will come, things automatically goes in right direction. Do not lose focus.

Below list of moon sign for the monthly horoscope. We provide monthly horoscope as per moon sign under Vedic Astrology System.

For yearly horoscope of Aquarius moon sign please click here.

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17 April 2014
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