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Enchey Monastery
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The Enchey Monastery is one amongst the most famous monasteries of Sikkim. It is situated just 3 km away from the center of the capital city, Gangtok. The Enchey Monastery literally means "Solitary Temple". You would be amazed to know that this very monastery is about 200 years old and was established in the year 1909.

The Enchey Monastery is located on the ridge of the hill top, thereby providing a spectacular view of the entire Gangtok city on the North- Eastern side and the Kanchendzonga range on the other side.

Religious Significance

It is believed that the spirits of the Mahakali, Yabdean and Khangchenzonga are immersed inside the monastery by the Guru Padmasambhava. It is because of this very reason that the monastery has gained great religious significance amongst the visitors. It is said that who so ever visits the Enchey Monastery, his wishes shall be granted by the powerful deities of the very Monastery.

There are about 90 monks who stay in the Monastery and carry out the significant religious rituals here even today.


The Enchey Monastery belongs to the Nyingma order of the Vajrayana Buddhism and is believed to be blessed by a renowned tantric (adept) named Lama Drupthop Karpo, who had flying powers. It was built during the reign of the Sikyong Tulku (1909-1910). And is said to be built in the exact location where Lama Druptub Karbo has his hermitage. Even today there are various mythological stories being depicted by the monks on various festivals here.


The Enchey Monastery has Buddhist type of architecture, and so you shall find resemblance of any other Buddhist monasteries which are found in China or Nepal here. It indeed looks like a Chinese Pagoda. One of the most amazing things about the monastery is the golden shinning Cupola which is situated on the top of the monastery. It acts as the crown of the monastery and grabs the attention of every visitor.

The Monastery has a very big hall accompanied by mesmerizing art and sculptures in it. The walls of the monastery have paintings of four religious Kings. You can also spot the idols of the four cardinal directions of the galaxy on the walls. All in all the paintings, sculptures and idols are considered to be sacred and of great religious importance.

The Monastery exhibits a huge number of masks which are also used during the festivals celebrated here.

The Monastery has several fluttering colorful flags like any other monastery in Sikkim.


The Cham Dance Festival is regarded as one amongst the most important festivals of the Enchey Monastery. This festival is held on the 18th and the 19th day of the lunar calendar, which is January. This festival is a very fun and frolic kind of a festival where you can enjoy to utmost limits. The famous mask dance here portrays various mythological stories and what makes it even more interesting is the participation of the monks themselves. Some of the other famous festivals include the Singhe, Chaam and the Lhabsol which are very interesting as well.


The monastery is built magnificiently on the site blessed by the tantric master known for his power to play Lama Druptob Karpo. Earlier a small hermitage was built by the Tantric when he flew to Maenam Hills from here but later in the year 1901 a monastery was built in the Chinese Pagoda structure. Over 200 year, the monastery has held its religious importance, cultural significance and the trust of the devotees, who come here to offer prayer to the almighty to seek blessing for happy and prosperous life.

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