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Leo Horoscope

Leo (July 23 - August 21) is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. It is one of the strongest zodiac sign who likes to be popular, dominant and are also intelligent, charming and positive people. They have a very towering personality which is difficult to miss. They make their presence felt no matter wherever they are or whatever they do. They like being the centre of attraction and making an impression on others. They have a magnetic personality which makes their job easy and helps them attract all the attention they crave for. They are ambitious and strong willed and work very hard to achieve their goals. They are creative in their work which makes it easier for them to accomplish their tasks. They are not shy and can dominate the scene with ease. They are highly talented and creative which makes them all the more attractive. They love pleasure and good things in life and are very enthusiastic about everything. All this helps them have a positive attitude.

Leos are symbolically represented by the Lion, an apt symbol for their personality. Just like the king of the jungle who leads and dominates, Leos are also commanding and prefers to lead rather than being led and are perfectly capable of doing so. With a strong personality and determinant will power, leading from the front is a child's play for them. As leaders they will never let down their followers and will always keep their promise and fulfil their duties and responsibilities. Their capability and commitment towards their work are beyond doubt. They can inspire their followers to do the right thing and are organised and idealistic. However this also sometimes makes them stubborn and egoistic. They take a lot of pride in themselves and sometimes become difficult to reason with. Strongly believing in their own opinions and beliefs, most of the times they refuse to listen to others.

Ruled by the Sun, they consider themselves the centre of any activity, just like the sun which is the centre of the universe. They like being at the helm of all the affairs they are associated with and it is very difficult for them to fulfil the role of subordinates. With a vibrant, outgoing and enthusiastic personality, they can easily dominate any scene or situation. They are confident about themselves and never doubt their character and strengths. Respect, honour, dignity and submission from others are what they look for. Generosity is an inherent part of their character and they never shy away from helping others, but this is as long as they are ready to accept his superior position. Being an enemy of Leo can be a very tough and challenging task because they hate losing. They can also be very romantic and caring person. They are great friends and wonderfully romantic lovers. Family and loved ones are very precious for them and they can go to any extent to protect them and keep them happy. It is wise to say away from the prized possessions, for any harm caused to them would be have to be paid for dearly.

More on Leo

Leo Nature - Symbolically represented by the Lion, Leo is one of the most masculine sign of the zodiac. These individuals radiate power and energy. They are majestic individuals who are born to lead.

Leo Man - Leo man is full of life, warm hearted and gregarious. It is not possible to stay away from them or not get affected by their vibrant personality. They have a strong magnetism in their personality which makes them attractable.

Leo Woman - A Leo woman is a tough woman who commands respect, confidence and pride. They demand attention, respect and admiration.

Leo Traits - The Leos have a sense of royalty about them and are very positive and optimistic person. They are warm hearted, friendly, action oriented people who are hungry for attention.

Leo Description - Represented by the mighty lion, Leos (Simha) are born leaders who are strong, assertive and determined. They have a strong will power and immense courage to scale the top of the peak they decide to ascend and be at the top.

Leo Lifestyle - Leo and food - Leos need lot of energy and vigour because of their robust nature, thus they should eat foods which are rich in carbohydrates.

Leo Facts - Leos have a grand personality. Some of their important traits are that they are magnanimous, dignified, majestic and optimistic.

Leo Decans - Those born between July 23rd and August 1st - those born between these two dates are ruled by the planet sun which is their source of enthusiasm and vitality which leads them towards success and fame.

Leo Moon Sign - Those individuals who have moon in their Leos always want to be in charge of anything they do. They are the ones in the limelight and they want to be there always.

Leo Horoscope - Leo (July 23 - August 21) is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. It is one of the strongest zodiac sign who likes to be popular, dominant and are also intelligent, charming and positive people.

Leo Career - Leos are ruled by the Sun, which is considered to be the source of all the energy. This energy keeps the entire universe rolling.

Leo Romance - Some of the important lessons that they can give in romance are - In love some of the important things we can learn from Leos believe in the power of love and self.

Leo Relationship - Leos are some of the most passionate lovers. They have loads of passion in them which overflows when they are in any relationship.

Leo Love - Some of the important lessons that we can learn in love from Leos are the ability to trust in the power of love and self. They are very confident individuals who never falter much in life.

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