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Astrology Questions

There are so many questions that haunt us from time to time. In our school time various questions that comes to mind are

Whether good results in exams would come or not?

Whether one can show improvement in weaker subjects?

After schooling:- Whether one can get admission in good college?

After graduation:- Whether one can get good job?

After getting job:- Whether one can get promotions?

After promotions:- Whether one get married at what time?

After marriage also various questions comes and goes without getting any proper solution In that process we get answers of particular query while for some we do not get any kind of answers.

Coming to Astrology point of view. Every Astrology query is governed by astrological houses and to get insight on particular astrology query, astrologer had to study whole of birth chart to find out solution to any astrological query.

For ex- Astrological query relating to profession will be judged by looking astrological 10th house in birth chart

Similarly astrological query relating to wealth will be judged by looking astrological 10th, 2nd, 4th as well as 11th house in birth chart.

Answers may come in positive or negative will ultimately depends upon strength of houses and planets in birth chart.

Therefore you can order astrological consultation report to unwind your astrological queries.

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19 April 2015
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