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Virgo Compatibility
Virgo Compatibility Table
Compatibility Sex Communication
Virgo - Aries High High Medium
Virgo and Taurus High High High
Virgo - Gemini Medium Medium Medium
Virgo - Cancer High High High
Virgo - Leo Medium Medium Medium
Virgo - Virgo Medium Medium High
Virgo - Libra Low Medium Medium
Virgo - Scorpio High High High
Virgo - Sagittarius Medium Medium Medium
Virgo - Capricorn High High High
Virgo - Aquarius Medium Medium Medium
Virgo - Pisces Medium High Medium

Compatibility of Virgo with other zodic signs
Virgo - Aries
Aries and Virgo are two different individuals whose combination together can have both merits and demerits. Both of them have simple needs; however they are quite different with each other. Aries likes excitement and stimulation in life whereas the Virgo looks for security and stability.
Virgo - Taurus
Taurus and Virgo have a lot in common hence they get along very well. There is a lot of similarity between them, they both look for security and stability in life and there is mutual admiration between them.
Virgo - Gemini
Gemini and Virgo have a strong mental attraction between them. Their intellectual ability is at the same level which makes them compatible with each other. They share mutual appreciation and learn a lot from each other. They have their own share of similarities and differences which makes their relationship special in their own way.
Virgo - Cancer
When the Cancer and Virgo come together, there is a lot of care and nurturing flowing between the two. Their relationship is quite good and they make a great pair together. Both of them believe in having low key affairs and keep it quiet and simple. They take pleasures from simple things of life but like to have a very nurturing and fulfilling relationship.
Virgo - Leo
The Leo and Virgo are very different individuals. They differ in almost every aspect of life. They have totally different worldviews and approach to life. Their likes, tastes and habits differ a lot. So if they have to stay together they need to put in some serious effort to do that.
Virgo - Virgo
When the two Virgos come together, they have a lot to share with each other as they have similar similarities and differences. Hence they will be able to understand each other well as they have similar needs and aspirations. They are flexible and always ready to make changes and accommodations.
Virgo - Libra
The two words that describe the relationship between a Virgo and a Libra are balance and harmony. Both of them are beautiful people who want their life to be great and interesting. They are very cooperative with each other and are always willing to adjust and accommodate to make things easier for the other one.
Virgo - Scorpio
The relationship between the Virgo and Scorpio is quite interesting. Mostly it is smooth and without much difficulties as they have mutual trust and admiration for each other. They are friendly, generous and cordial towards each other which sorts out things between them.
Virgo - Sagittarius
Virgo and Sagittarius have a lot of differences in their personality. They are in complete opposite direction when it comes to attitude and approaches towards life. When on one hand the Virgo is serious and determined in life the Sagittarius is very casual and carefree.
Virgo - Capricorn
The Virgo and Capricorn have a lot in common. They both belong to the same earth signs and thus share a very comfortable relationship with each other. Both are very responsible and careful about their duties and responsibilities and are serious about life.
Virgo - Aquarius
The Virgo and Aquarius with their similarities and differences of nature makes an annoying as well an enjoyable couple, whether they are friends, family, relatives of colleagues. They share a lot of interesting traits with each other and enjoy being in each other's company.
Virgo - Pisces
The Virgo and the Pisces together form a strong relationship and they enjoy every minute of being together. There is a magnetic attraction between the two and both of them connect instantly. Even though there are a lot of differences in their personality, they turn it to their full advantage by learning as much as possible from each other.

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Compatibility with Virgo man:

Virgo man Aries woman
Virgo man Taurus woman
Virgo man Gemini woman
Virgo man Cancer woman
Virgo man Leo woman
Virgo man Virgo woman
Virgo man Libra woman
Virgo man Scorpio woman
Virgo man Sagittarius woman
Virgo man Capricorn woman
Virgo man Aquarius woman
Virgo man Pisces woman

Compatibility with Virgo woman:

Virgo woman Aries man
Virgo woman Taurus man
Virgo woman Gemini man
Virgo woman Cancer man
Virgo woman Leo man
Virgo woman Virgo man
Virgo woman Libra man
Virgo woman Scorpio man
Virgo woman Sagittarius man
Virgo woman Capricorn man
Virgo woman Aquarius man
Virgo woman Pisces man

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Virgo Personality Profile

Virgo Nature - Virgos are symbolically represented by Virgin which represents purity. They have a very strong sense of good and bad which also makes them highly discriminating. They can easily see through the ulterior motives of the people which make them circumspect in dealing with others.

Virgo Man - The Virgo men are very particular about what they want and what they expect from others. They are very picky and choosy and perfectionist to the core. They are also very gentle, helpful and sympathetic by nature, but they need their work to be done as per their want.

Virgo Woman - Some of the most prominent traits of Virgo women are being practical, modest, loving, intelligent and helpful. They can be easily relied upon and are also very observant. They are all about stability and order and bring it everywhere they go. They make people feel comfortable in their company and easy to mingle around with them. These ladies are also very charming and witty.

Virgo Traits - They pay minute attention to detail and are very particular of even the smallest things. Whether it is big or small, no detail can escape their hawk like eyes. They are very watchful and their ability to pay attention to details is praiseworthy.

Virgo At a Glance

Virgo Description - Virgo (Kanya) is the sixth sign of the zodiac. People belonging to this sigh are extremely dedicated and take immense pleasure in serving and managing. They tend to become very picky and critical and take it as their duty to serve others and help them out, whatever people might think of them.

Virgo Lifestyle - Virgo and food - Virgos have a weak nervous system and lower intestines, thus they should eat food that is beneficial for them. Some of the foods that are good for them are lemons, almonds, chicory, and whole wheat, black olive and lean meat. They should also eat food rich in fibre and omega fats like avocados, eggs and fresh sea food.

Virgo Facts - Virgos are the sixth sign of the zodiac and they are considered to be the worker bees that get immense satisfaction from serving the people around them. They are very picky and critical and are perfectionist to the core. They have very strong organisational and managerial qualities and will never shy away from lending a helping hand.

Virgo Astrological Perspective

Virgo Decans - Those born between August 22th and September 3rd - individuals born between these days are ruled by the planet Mercury. People influenced by this planet are considered to be social and friendly compared to Virgos of other Deccans. They are also very helpful and sympathetic. Whenever you are in need you will be always helped by them.

Virgo Moon Sign - Virgos who are influenced by the moon sign usually have a simple nature and prefer to live a quiet life without all the glitz and glamour. They derive happiness from the simple and small things in life. It is all the simple pleasure of life that gives them immense happiness.

Virgo Horoscope - Virgo (August 22 - September 23) is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. This sign is one of the most picky, exact, demanding and critical. They are perfectionist and only go for the best that exists. Hanging in between is not their cup of tea, but being exact is. With high attention paid to detail, they like making others happy and serving them.

Virgo The Practical Side

Virgo Career - For the Virgos their work and career is very important. They are very hard working and take their work very seriously. It is easy for them to achieve success in life because they are hardworking, sincere and honest individuals who are very serious about their work. They are perfectionist and they won't stop until they get what they want.

Virgo Romance - Lessons to give in romance - some of the important lessons they can give us in love are to be pure and meticulous. They teach us that love is something sacred, and thus it needs to be respected. For them love is virginal and pure. It has to be treated with respect and care.

Virgo Relationship - Virgos are the 6th sign of the zodiac and people belonging to this zodiac are very helpful, gentle, hardworking and meticulous. Some of the facts about Virgo Relationship are -

Virgo Love - Some of the important lessons they can give in love - some of the important lessons one can learn in love from Virgos are being pure and meticulous in love. They also consider love to be very sacred, virginal and pure. For all such reason they treat love with great respect.

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