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Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility
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Well the first thing one needs to know while talking about Taurus Man and Gemini Woman is that one is airy and fast and always moving (Gemini) while the other is earthy, stable and calm (Taurus). Therefore this could be an unusual type of combination. Geminians lose their stability and they also don't like to be stable instead they like travelling and changing their course of life. On the other hand, Taurus has a calm, stable and steady type of nature which usually helps them in achieving their goal in the end. This combination of restlessness and peace can sometimes huge and irreconcilable type of problem in their relationship. However they both have to power to hold on to their relationship and save it from being scattered.

Having said all that the type of attraction here between Taurus man and Gemini woman is very charming. The calm Taurus man finds the effervescent never ending energy Gemini woman very attractive and thinks about making her his life partner pretty soon. On the other hand the restless Gemini woman who is tired of the boring dull routine pretty easily falls for this calm natured serious looking Taurus man. But as said before because of the opposite and contrasting natures they both inherit from their strong individual signs the life of their relationship is doubted and its longevity is not at all certain. The wild child in the Gemini might not be liked by the Taurus man and he might ask her to be calm down at every turn of their life as they are settling down. On the other hand, the wild Gemini might hate the fact that her partner is too calm and boring and might easily again get bored of his possessive type of nature. All these big differenced might make this relationship fall soon but as the astrology predicts if they are able to put their differences for the sake of love then this can be a very passionate and excellent match.

The astrology says that the Taurus man can fail to understand her high energized nature and might start acting stubbornly as being stubborn is inherited nature of Taurus sign. He will find it hard to digest the fact she is crazy sometimes and that her mood also changes pretty fast. On the contrary the Gemini woman will not understand why Taurus man is so over possessive. Such things might bring problem and they might stop communicating which can lead to irreconcilable issue. However, there is the possibility of positive planetary influence in their natal chart which can turn the cards and might bring back luck to their almost falling relationship. Therefore a couple of this combination is advised to try to put their differences away and also always think positively. To make their thing work they need to be pessimistic all the time.

This combination where the impatient Gemini woman and the grounded and peaceful Taurus man can have a great relationship might face end number of problems however there is always an excpetion and if both tries to save their relationship then the universe also starts working in favour for them.


Due to their contrasting relation it is very important for the Gemini woman and Taurus man to understand each other. They need to learn to compromise on various issues for the relation to work. Taurus man needs to be more flexible and easy going to keep up in her level and Gemini woman needs to understand that she needs to slow down for him. Gemini woman needs to learn to be more responsible and give importance to his emotional needs. And Taurus man needs to value her need for independence and freedom.


Taurus man and Gemini woman are two strong personalities and they can teach other a great deal of things. They can help and motivate one another to achieve their dreams and goals. However they need to work on their differences and work together to build a loving relation.

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