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Libra Compatibility
Libra Compatibility Table
Compatibility Sex Communication
Libra - Aries Medium Medium Medium
Libra - Taurus Medium Medium Medium
Libra - Gemini High High High
Libra - Cancer Low Low Low
Libra - Leo High High High
Libra - Virgo Low Medium Medium
Libra - Libra Medium High High
Libra - Scorpio Medium Medium Low
Libra - Sagittarius High High High
Libra - Capricorn Medium Medium High
Libra - Aquarius High High High
Libra - Pisces Medium Medium Medium

Compatibility of Libra with other zodic signs
Libra - Aries
Aries and Libra get along very well, no matter in whatever kind of relationship they are. They have a strong attraction between each other and complement each other very well. They have mutual respect and understanding for each other and have a lot of similarities too.
Libra - Taurus
Libra and Taurus have both similarities as well as differences between them. Both of them love peace and stability in life but have totally different temperaments. On one hand the Taurus is practical but hot headed and on the other the Libra is calm and intellectual and a bit dreamy.
Libra - Gemini
The Gemini and Libra enjoy a different type of bond that is smooth as well as reckless. Their combination is bouncy as well as interesting. Both of them are sociable human beings who enjoy being among people. They are never loners and want to be in the company of people and both are great people to hang around with.
Libra - Cancer
The Cancer and Libra share a very happy relationship together. Both of them are caring, generous, sensitive and accommodating. They are matured and know how to deal in difficult situations. They always have a great start to their relationship, whatever it be. They always like to lead a quiet and peaceful life away from all the hustle and bustle.
Libra - Leo
The Libra and Leo can share a very interesting relationship together. There is a lot to look forward to when these two people are together. Both of them are fun, generous, good at heart and honest people. They always share, care and want to get the best of life.
Libra - Virgo
The two words that describe the relationship between a Virgo and a Libra are balance and harmony. Both of them are beautiful people who want their life to be great and interesting. They are very cooperative with each other and are always willing to adjust and accommodate to make things easier for the other one.
Libra - Libra
When two Libras come together they share a very pleasant and harmonious relationship with each other. With similar strengths and challenges they understand each other very well and are able to make quick adjustments with each other. Sometimes they tend to get worked up as they feel mentally imbalanced and disturbed.
Libra - Scorpio
The Libra and Scorpio find a lot of common ground to share and thus make their relationship more enriching and meaningful. Both of them give importance to loyalty, commitment and togetherness. They value the company of each other and do not leave any chance to learn anything from each other.
Libra - Sagittarius
Libra and Sagittarius share a special bond with each other. There is a lot of compassion, compatibility, appreciation, honesty, truthfulness and positive energy between the two of them. They enjoy being in each other's company and love sharing their similarities and differences.
Libra - Capricorn
The Libra and Capricorn have more dissimilarities and similarities in most of the aspects of life. However when they come together they try to work out the best possible options available to them so that each gets to enjoy the best of their relationship.
Libra - Aquarius
The strongest aspect of the relationship between Libra and Aquarius is their free and fair communication. They freely share ideas between them and enjoy unrestricted communication between each other. Both of them are very co-operative and adjusting hence they tend to enjoy each other's company a lot.
Libra - Pisces
When it comes to a relationship between the Libra and the Pisces, they need to make a lot of adjustments to be together. There are a lot of differences in their personality which require some serious and sincere sacrifice from both of them.

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Compatibility with Libra man

Libra man Aries woman
Libra man Taurus woman
Libra man Gemini woman
Libra man Cancer woman
Libra man Leo woman
Libra man Virgo woman
Libra man Libra woman
Libra man Scorpio woman
Libra man Sagittarius woman
Libra man Capricorn woman
Libra man Aquarius woman
Libra man Pisces woman

Compatibility with Libra woman

Libra woman Aries man
Libra woman Taurus man
Libra woman Gemini man
Libra woman Cancer man
Libra woman Leo man
Libra woman Virgo man
Libra woman Libra man
Libra woman Scorpio man
Libra woman Sagittarius man
Libra woman Capricorn man
Libra woman Aquarius man
Libra woman Pisces man

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Libra Personality Profile

Libra Nature - Libras are marked by an acute sense of balance and lots of energy. They are the seventh sign of the Zodiac and are represented by the Scales. The Scales are their perfect representation as their life is all about balance, both in personal and professional life. They have a strong conscience and a sense of right and wrong.

Libra Man - Libra men are considered to be warm, loving and compassionate. They are some of the most romantic and charming men that we can find. They are known for their grace and charm and will always leave an everlasting impression on anyone they meet. They are also athletic and have an impressive physique.

Libra Woman - Libra women have two distinct personalities and both of them tend to come out at the same time. Just as any other Libra individual their personality is also characterised by the need to create balance in all aspects of life. They are charming and bubbly and great to hang around with.

Libra Traits - Libras are known for being kind, generous, gentle, harmonious and peaceful human beings. They are lover of beauty and simplicity. They are attractive, charming and very helpful. However like any normal ordinary human beings they have both the good sides and bad sides in them.

Libra At a Glance

Libra Description - The Libras (Tula) are represented by scales, which perfectly represents them as they are all about balance in life. They are the seventh sign of the zodiac and considered to be true charmers. They have a very selfless and giving attitude where they are always ready to help and serve. They are people's person and hate staying alone.

Libra Lifestyle - Food for Libra - some of the food items required for the Libras are almonds, peas, brown rice, beet root, oat meal, strawberries, apples, spinach, raisins, asparagus, corn etc. These foods are very beneficial for these individuals and helps to keep them healthy.

Libra Facts - Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and are symbolically represented by scales. These people always like company and hate being alone. They always like keeping themselves surrounded by people and strong believe in the power of two. They are very objective and unjust and will never indulge in unfair practices.

Libra Astrological Perspective

Libra Decans - Libra's born between September 24th and October 3rd - Individuals born between these days are ruled by the planet Venus which is considered to be the planet of love. This is the reason why their life is always filled with love. They can easily attract and impress people with their charming attitude.

Libra Moon Sign - Libra individuals who have moon in their zodiac are considered to the peacemaker. They are highly inclined towards balance and harmony and can go to any extent to achieve it. They are very tactful and known for their diplomatic skills. They believe in the power of two and are always looking for partners for they can do better when they are in a company.

Libra Horoscope - Libra (September 24 - October 23) is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. They are very social, friendly, helpful, fair, cooperative, diplomatic and gracious. More than themselves they think about others and how to help others or make them happy. They are never selfish or keep their interest above others and always strive for the greater good.

Libra The Practical Side

Libra Career - Libra is an air sign, hence individuals belonging to this sign are considered to be very curious, sociable and mentally active. They are very intelligent and communicative and make good use of these skills in their professions. They are balanced individuals and will bring in the same in their careers as well, by striking a perfect balance professional and personal life.

Libra Romance - Lessons to learn in romance - It is more important to experience beauty than to see it. Beauty might be love, but only when you are able to experience it. More than outer appearance it is important to connect through heart, because that is what compatibility is all about.

Libra Relationship - Libras hate being alone, hence they always look for a partner. They like being in love and consider it a great experience. They value love and their lover a lot. They take time to find their partner and once they find the right one they remain committed for life. They are some of the most loyal and committed lovers one can have.

Libra Love - Lessons to give in love - some of the important lessons that they can give in love are their ability to be appreciative and be more balanced and the ability to appreciate beauty and aesthetics. They know how to praise people and make them happy about what they are.

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