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Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility
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The match between a Gemini and a Virgo is one that isn't expected by many. It is considered to be something very unusual due to the differences in their characteristic traits. They are almost like the magnetic poles that are far from each other but when a union is made it is very strong. The differences to be settled when these two come under the banner of love are many but it is these differences that also completes them.

The Virgo man is someone we would call a perfectionist. He is precise and wants his work, surroundings, and friends etc to be the same too. He is a very confident being however he tends to walk away from any sort of conflict. He is not much for luxury and couldn't seem to care less about comfort too. He is a very quiet person with no dominating characters; this at times wrongly projects him as a cold and selfish person. He is considered to be an ideal partner for anyone looking to settle down as a family as he is well organised, managed and has nothing much to be worried about.

The Gemini woman on the other hand is the exact opposite of the Virgo man. She is a free thinker, needs independence and freedom, and has a lot of changing moods and a lavish spender of money. She is someone who cannot be pinned down to a spot. She is a person who loves to show affection and often showers her loved ones with little gifts from time to time. Her sentimental gestures are something that helps keep the fire going in a relationship.

The unison between these two zodiacs are seen something to be extraordinary but the fact that complete the qualities lacked by each other makes them a great match. While the Gemini woman fills the Virgo man's life with colour and excitement the Virgo man provides stability to the woman. The lavish spending of the Gemini is made up by the Virgo's nature to save and invest. The unpredictable nature of her wondering is contradictory of the punctuality that he exhibits. She learns the value of time and money from him while he learns to let down his hair and enjoy the joys of life from her. Her intellectual talks and social nature allows the Virgo to step out of his formal nature and mingle around with people freely. She is a charming being and never fails to amuse her Virgo counterpart. The structured lifestyle of the Virgo also brings about a change in the carefree lifestyle of the Gemini making her a bit more responsible and orderly.

Although the differences in nature helps each other learn a lot in life they also cause problems for them. The Virgo man should understand that a Gemini's basic need is independence and freedom while she should understand his structured lifestyle. If this fails then the relationship will be in ruins. Letting go of the Gemini woman with trust always brings her back to the Virgo man and she on the other hand should cut down on her wandering. When these sacrifices are made then this relationship will definitely stand the test of time and go on for a very long time.

The physical relationship is a compatible one with their love making being a passionate yet playful one. The Gemini woman's love for trying out different things makes the sexual relationship and exciting one while the passion and non dominating nature of the Virgo


Gemini woman and Virgo man has to have a very open relation for the relation to work. They have to be willing to support and encourage each other, rather than fighting over their differences. Virgo man should not try to control her and give her the space and freedom she desires. Gemini woman should learn to be more sensitive while dealing with Virgo man and she needs to take her responsibility more seriously.


Gemini woman and Virgo man have to work on a lot of issues for their relation to work out and last for a long time. They have to respect and honour each other differences and contrasting personalities.

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