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Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility
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The pairing of the Gemini and Scorpio is considered to be very odd. They seem to be pairs that are meant to match. They both have strong personalities which is hard for them to compromise upon. They have their own contradicting nature which doesn't seem to get along normally, however when it does click it works wonders for both of them.

The Scorpio man is a very efficient person and is known handle any kind of situation that he may be placed in. He is a strong and loyal individual with an air of mystery surrounding him. He has a desire for power and usually does almost anything to achieve it. He is highly suspicious and his trust is very hard to gain when in a relationship. He is prone to jealousy very quickly and doesn't think twice about confronting a person without proof. He however is very loyal and faithful towards his partner till the very end of a relationship. He is quite a tolerant person but once angered it is very hard to calm him down.

The Gemini woman is a person who has multiple personalities bottled within her. She exhibits each and every one of her colourful personality thus making it hard for a person to read her. She is someone who cannot seem to commit to one thing or person. Her decisions change every now and then making it hard for others and herself. She is one who needs a person who can stimulate her, feed her imagination and excite her. She is a very witty conversationalist who often hides the actual meaning intended with intellectual talks. It is hard for her to commit to just one person but she is a great romantic at heart and displays her emotions with the help of gestures.

A bond between these two can be said to be “odd”. The Gemini woman with her colourful personality makes the Scorpio man to fall for her. He adores the charm and intellect that is displayed by the Gemini woman. The charm of the intellect and bubbly nature is soon replaced by an undercurrent of jealousy that sweeps him away. He may try to pin down the freedom seeking Gemini which leads to problems in the relationship. When her independence is threatened she tends to move further away from him. The stability, ability to handle problems and the air of mystery surrounding him is one of the most alluring features of the Scorpio man. They learn a lot from each other in the relationship that they share. While the Scorpio learns to enjoy the lighter parts of life the Gemini is made aware of the gravity of life and its seriousness. For this relationship to work both the counter parts need to compromise and let each other grow. While the Scorpio man needs to understand the essentiality of independence for the Gemini woman she also must gain his trust with the passage of time. Failure to compromise and learn about each other will lead to the end of the relationship between them.

In terms of physical love the Gemini woman takes it as another game while the Scorpio man is very passionate about it. He is the kind of person who elevates the physical relationship to a spiritual and emotional level. If these two come in harmony with each other then only can a passionate, exciting and emotional level can be achieved else it will just be a physical action with no feelings attached to it.

All in all for this relationship to work it needs a lot of calmness and effort from both sides else it can never work out between these two.


Gemini woman and Scorpio man have to compromise on a lot of issues. They have to learn to understand one another's contrasting personalities and learn from their differences. Gemini woman has to learn to be more stable and responsible. She has to understand that Scorpio man is a very emotional man and needs to build an emotional connection with him. Scorpio man has to understand the Gemini woman's need for freedom and he should not try to control her. He has to be more flexible and ready for change when necessary.


Gemini woman and Scorpio man can have a great long term relation, if they learn to put aside their differences and work together to form a great and harmonious relation.

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