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Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility
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A Gemini and Virgo match is something that doesn't quite work out due to the differences in their elements as well as in their inborn characteristics. Gemini represents air while Virgo water which are two contradicting pairs of personalities, however when they two do get together it makes a very interesting couple who complement as well as clash on many aspects. Conflicts in them mainly arise as the Gemini man is found to be rather unstable and goofy by the serious and rational Virgo.

A Gemini man is one who finds things to be rhetorical, symbolic and academically oriented. He possesses a high intellect level and is known to be a very witty person. Decisions made by him are quick and usually based on his whim. He is a person who keeps distance from people and lets only a selected few into his inner circle. In matters of relationship the man is easy going and loving, he allows freedom to his partner and also expects her to reciprocate the feeling.

A Virgo woman on the other hard is the complete antagonistic of a Gemini man. She prefers everything to be orderly, well planned, thought over and systematic around her. She is the kind of a woman who derives satisfaction from serving the world and its people. They are stoic in nature and show of emotions or drenching herself in it is not her cup of tea. She is her own worst critic and this may lead her into an unhealthy state of mind at times. In the case of a relationship she loves and affectionate but she prefers her man to be a well organised one.

A love affair between these two can have a lot of heated arguments due to difference in opinions and lifestyles. She has a hard time adjusting to the carefree and impulsive life style of her fellow Gemini man while the man finds her structured and routine lifestyle a bit of a bore. However these two can learn a lot from each other in many aspects of life. The Virgo woman teaches the Gemini man to be patient, calm and serene along with being responsive to his needs. She is not one to withhold herself from expressing her feelings to the Gemini man when a lot of love is present between them.

The Gemini man is much pleased to have a disciplined lady in his life and at times it amuses him too. The Virgo women have very feminine nature which allures the Gemini man towards her to a great extent. Conversation may not be much between them but as time goes on the witty conversationalist Gemini man teaches her the art of it. The distance that he keeps from people at times unknowingly hurts the Virgo woman but she should be able to make out that it is unintentional.

On the emotional level both are supporting pillars for each other which makes their relationship a strong one. On the physical level both have their differences in understanding it. A Virgo woman needs her mans physical love to felt at a high level while the Gemini man doesn't need much of it. This may cause the Virgo woman to recede into a shell from where she may not be able to crawl out for a long time.

The relationship between these two people goes hand in hand with bliss and frustration but with effort from both sides to understand each other can work wonders for them. Understanding and a bit of compromise can work wonders for the couple.


Gemini man and Virgo woman have to understand and respect each other's individuality. They can learn a lot of things from one another. Virgo woman needs to understand Gemini man's need for freedom and his love for travel and Gemini man needs to show more loyalty and affection towards Virgo woman. Virgo woman has to stop criticising Gemini man constantly and let him and Gemini man has learn to be more responsible and take her work seriously.


Gemini man and Virgo woman have very contrasting natures and they have to work hard to find their common ground. They need to respect each other and support each other. They can teach each other a great of things.

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