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Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility
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The Gemini-Scorpio combination has to be one of the most demanding relationships that can be formed. They both are attracted to each other with great intensity in the initial phase of the relationship but as time passes by this very intensity mostly turns out to burn them both. In the case of these two it is the differences in their traits that draw them together. However later on in life these very differences that drew them into a relationship might make them part ways.

The Gemini man as depicted in figures is known to exhibit a dual personality. He is someone who enjoys his freedom and independence to great levels. It is very essential to him and if it is threatened he may lash out. He not one for emotions and is known to let go of things or people very easily. He is good at moving on in life and seldom thinks about the past. He is also known for his love of conversation which is usually cantered around intellectual subjects. He has a habit of being sarcastic in his talks which only a few people that share his level of intellect can relate to.

The Scorpio woman is known to be a woman of strength and finesse. She is also a woman of mystery who is really intriguing to the world. She is capable of handling any kind of situation that she may be placed in. A Scorpio woman is known for her passion and if scorned she can be a very difficult person to deal with. She is a very caring and affectionate lover but she is a very possessive person. She gives her lover the ultimate priority in her life and cannot compromise over it.

The air of mystery that surrounds a Scorpio woman is what draws the Gemini man towards her. A Gemini man is known to be passionate one but he doesn't stand a chance against the sexuality of the Scorpio woman. She is a woman who likes to be in control of things and can be very stern at times. This at times clashes with the need of freedom and independence of the Gemini man leading to arguments between them. The childish nature of the Gemini man beckons the curiosity of the Scorpio woman and she will not stop to speculate his nature until she is satisfied fully. The sophisticated nature of the Gemini in wooing his woman makes her feel special. His intellect and witty conversations is admired by her and she respects him for it. Likewise the Gemini man also respects and admires his woman's strength to stand tall in any kind of situation she may be placed in. When love is blossoming between these two it seems that there is no end to passion and that they are meant for each other. However in the rough patches of their love life the arguments never seem to end. The Scorpio woman does not like the secretive nature of the Gemini man while he does not approve of her being commanding.

In terms of a sexual relation it is found that the level of passion between them is highly variant. The Scorpio woman is passionate and straight forward in making love while the Gemini man is much more inclined towards games and experimentation. The level of passion that a Scorpio woman has is not matched by the Gemini man who leaves her unsatisfied but his ability to experiment and try out new things in bed is appreciated by her.

In the case of these two zodiac's relation a lot of compromise must be done to make it work. The jealous nature of the Scorpio and the wandering nature of the Gemini is the first thing that needs to be fixed for a relationship between them to work. They need to respect each other's qualities along with staying out of each other's hair to make this relationship a successful one.


Gemini man and Scorpio woman should learn to work on their differences and compromise on a lot of issues if they want the relation to work. Gemini man needs to learn to look for stability and take life more seriously. He should also learn to respect Scorpio woman's emotional needs. Scorpio woman should not try to control Gemini man's lifestyle and be more easy-going and flexible. She should recognise his need and love for freedom. There should be a fine level and network of communication between the two.


Gemini man and Scorpio woman should learn to balance things and be more easy going. They have to respect each other's individuality and lifestyle. They should learn from one another, rather than finding faults and fighting over it.

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