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Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility
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A relationship of love between a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman is something that can exist with much ease. These two zodiac signs are so complementary to each other that it seems they were made for each other. The common interests that they share prove to be a very strong binding agent between them.

Fickel mindness is a trait that is most common in a Gemini man. He cannot keep a straight thought and has a personality that cannot be pinned down to a distinct line, it always seems to be overlapping with different characteristics. He is a man who loves conversing and his conversations are usually deals with matters of intellect. His conversations may seem simple to the untrained mind but for those sharing his intellectual nature these very simple words have great depth and meaning. He is one who usually adds satire to his conversations but only a few seem to get it. Freedom and independence is a necessity for the Gemini and when this is threatened or curbed it may lead to many arguments. He is also a person who cannot seem to deal with emotions with much ease and is more of a carefree natured person.

The Aquarius woman is very symbolic of her element water. She seems to mix in well with almost anybody and has a very flexible nature. She is known to have a high level of tolerance and is a very patient person. She has an unprejudiced attitude which helps her win over a large number of friends. She too like the Gemini man is quite detached from the world and has her own world built where she is most comfortable. People under the sun sign of Aquarius have a knack of telling things are wrong simply by intuition. They are known to be psychic in nature and usually figure out most of the things by her sixth sense if not by her inborn quality to pay attention to detail.

A union of these two persons is one that can work wonders for each other. As both are great conversationalists they can spend hours talking to each other and not get bored by it. They prove to be great teachers to one another and can learn much from the mistakes that they make individually or collectively. A Gemini man has the feeling that no one understands his dreams that he is judged unfairly and no one relies on him. However the Aquarius woman understands his insecurities and provides utmost support to her man in these areas. She is the one that he can rely on to make him emotionally stable when hurt and is same for the Aquarius woman.

As both of them have a knack for playing mind games they will enjoy each other's company extensively. The both have the intellect to pick out the undercurrents of the conversation thus making it interesting and at times even competitive. It is not only love that grows between them but friendship too and sometimes there is an overlapping of the two creating confusion that may lead to hurt on either ends. Independence and freedom is never an issue to both as they fully understand that it is a necessity therefore both provide it without any hindrance. They both respect each other's dreams and help in any way they can to achieve it.

Together they make up one of the most magical couples having an air of mysticism that is very hard for others to make out. To put it in a nutshell an Aquarius is the best possible match of the Gemini and vice versa.


Gemini man and Aquarius woman should support and encourage each other regarding life and other various issues. They have to learn to share the responsibility of the household between them and work in a cooperative manner. Both of them have to look for stability and balance in life rather than wandering off all the time. Gemini man should control his constant mood swings and not vent out at Aquarius woman. Aquarius woman should be less stubborn and be more understanding.


Gemini and Aquarius are both air signs and are highly compatible for one another and will be a great pair. They have to learn to balance things and take life more seriously. They have the potential to be a great pair.

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