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Gemini Compatibility
Gemini Compatibility Table
Compatibility Sex Communication
Gemini - Aries High High High
Gemini - Taurus Medium Medium Medium
Gemini - Gemini Medium Medium High
Gemini - Cancer Low Low Medium
Gemini - Leo High High High
Gemini - Virgo Medium Medium Medium
Gemini - Libra High High High
Gemini - Scorpio Low Medium Low
Gemini - Sagittarius Medium High Medium
Gemini - Capricorn Low Low Medium
Gemini - Aquarius High High High
Gemini - Pisces Low Low Medium

Compatibility of Gemini with other zodic signs
Gemini - Aries
Aries is a fire sign and Gemini is an air sign, hence they can gel well with each other. Just like a simple blow of air can help to make the fire grow bigger by spreading it further, both of them can complement each other well and have a good time together.
Gemini - Taurus
There are more dissimilarities between Taurus and Gemini than similarities, however both of them can provide great company to each other and enjoy the time they spend with each other. Their basic instincts and characteristics are world apart but one can still find some commonality between the two that keeps them connected.
Gemini - Gemini
When two Geminis come together their relationship becomes very lively and interesting. They have a lot in common to share with each other and thus can understand each other better than anyone else. They have similar needs in every aspect including relationships and enjoy some of the most wonderful moments with each other.
Gemini - Cancer
The Gemini and Cancer share quiet an interesting bond and they always seem to be complementing each other. They enjoy a fascinating bond and always show different worlds to each other to make their experience more nurturing and fulfilling.
Gemini - Leo
Gemini and Leo can give a great start to any relationship with all the enthusiasm and energy they have in each other. Their bond is very strong at the beginning and it can create a lot of amusement and stimulation for them. Both of them have a playful nature and mutual appreciation for each other.
Gemini - Virgo
Gemini and Virgo have a strong mental attraction between them. Their intellectual ability is at the same level which makes them compatible with each other. They share mutual appreciation and learn a lot from each other. They have their own share of similarities and differences which makes their relationship special in their own way.
Gemini - Libra
The Gemini and Libra enjoy a different type of bond that is smooth as well as reckless. Their combination is bouncy as well as interesting. Both of them are sociable human beings who enjoy being among people. They are never loners and want to be in the company of people and both are great people to hang around with.
Gemini - Scorpio
The fun Gemini and intense Scorpio can make for a challenging relationship, but it can be equally interesting as well. They have a strong fascination and attraction for each other even though they have different approaches towards life. They have similarities and differences which can sometimes become serious in their life.
Gemini - Sagittarius
The Gemini and Sagittarius can share a great bond with each other. Both of them are fun and jovial and freedom loving individuals. They are also good conversationalist and one will never get bored in their company. They are both inspiring, entertaining and have a good sense of humour.
Gemini - Capricorn
Gemini and Capricorn enjoy a very interesting and mesmerizing relationship together. They are at times annoying but have a lot of things to share in common. Gemini is more relaxed and fun compared to Capricorn who is serious most of the time.
Gemini - Aquarius
Gemini and Aquarius have a lot common in them and thus they enjoy each other's company. They are a lot of common things and interest between them and hence they never get bored of each other. Their relationship is fresh and steady and they can be great friends with each other.
Gemini - Pisces
Gemini and Pisces have two different personalities who have distinct needs and experience different type of relationship. Staying together can be really challenging for them however they will put in their best efforts to work out the differences between them. They are both peaceful and always ready to make truce.

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Compatibility with Gemini man:

Gemini man Aries woman
Gemini man Taurus woman
Gemini man Gemini woman
Gemini man Cancer woman
Gemini man Leo woman
Gemini man Virgo woman
Gemini man Libra woman
Gemini man Scorpio woman
Gemini man Sagittarius woman
Gemini man Capricorn woman
Gemini man Aquarius woman
Gemini man Pisces woman

Compatibility with Gemini woman:

Gemini woman Aries man
Gemini woman Taurus man
Gemini woman Gemini man
Gemini woman Cancer man
Gemini woman Leo man
Gemini woman Virgo man
Gemini woman Libra man
Gemini woman Scorpio man
Gemini woman Sagittarius man
Gemini woman Capricorn man
Gemini woman Aquarius man
Gemini woman Pisces man

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Gemini Personality Profile

Gemini Nature - Gemini's are symbolically represented by the twins hence they have a duality of nature. Another thing that sets them apart from the rest is the inconsistency in their behavior. One moment they might be fond of one thing, and the next moment they will express their liking for something that is totally different or opposite.

Gemini Man - Some of the strongest characteristic traits of Gemini men are that they are unpredictable, intellectual, energetic and enthusiastic. They are great to hang around with and will ensure that you will not get bored in their company. However they may not be the best person to rely on because they tend to keep changing their minds frequently and hence would not remember what they had said or promised.

Gemini Woman - Gemini women have a vivacious personality and positive attitude that plays to their benefit and are one of their biggest strength. Another strong aspect of their personality is the duality of their nature. They can easily flip from one personality to another, which is quite confusing for people around her and sometimes it becomes difficult to trust such people, as one may never know which personality she will put on.

Gemini Traits - Geminis are a combination of both positive and negative traits. They have a dark as well as bright side in them. Some of the common Gemini traits are.

Gemini At a Glance

Gemini Description - Gemini (Mithun) is the 3rd sign of the zodiac and individuals belonging to this sign have a good sense of humor and are very active. They are very talkative and no one can match then in this trait of theirs. With their smart, clever and curious attitude they are ever ready to make new friends and mingle with any groups they are exposed to.

Gemini Lifestyle - The Geminis use their brain a lot, for thinking and exploring new knowledge and information, hence they need to keep their brain and nervous system healthy. They can do so by eating healthy food like spinach, wheat gram, tomatoes, coconut, oranges, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, celery, plums, apricot etc.

Gemini Facts - Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is symbolically represented by the twins. Some of the visible traits of Geminis are that they are very vibrant and vivacious individuals who always cheer up the environment around them. They have a very sharp mental ability and intelligence and are brilliant communicators.

Gemini Astrological Perspective

Gemini Decans - Born between May 22nd and May 31st : individuals born between these days are ruled by the planet Mercury. They are very sociable and dependable and it would benefit a lot to be their friends. Because they are very creative, they can do well in the professions related to graphics and arts.

Gemini Moon Sign - Individuals who are born under the Gemini moon signs are some of the most brilliant lots. They have strong metal abilities and a keen eye for details. They have a huge thirst for information and are always exploring the environment around them. Witty, charming and spontaneous these individuals are a great company to hang around with.

Gemini Horoscope - Gemini (May 22 - June 21) is the third sign of the Zodiac. It is ruled by the planet mercury and is symbolically represented by the twins. It is a masculine, positive and one of the mutable signs. Their symbol twins signify their dual nature. They have two personalities in them, the good and the bad one and both of them are equally dominant in them.

Gemini The Practical Side

Gemini Career - The Geminis have very strong communication skills and are talkative by nature; hence they do well in professions that involves speaking and dealing with people. They are free spirited individuals who do not like to be confined to one place, hence a job that involves staying at one place for long is not their cup of tea.

Gemini Romance - Lessons they can give in romance - to be aware and how to stimulate intellectually. The quality of being versatile in love and ready to experiment. Also to be open minded and accept the differences of their partner.

Gemini Relationship - As lovers Gemini's can be real fun. They always keep their partners occupied with their great communication skills. As lovers they are also very enthusiastic, fun loving and intelligent as well. Initially they can be very flirtatious and tend to move around a lot, searching for the right partner that will be able to match their level of energy and enthusiasm.

Gemini Love - Lessons they can give in love- some of the important lesson that we can learn in love from Gemini are being aware and intellectually stimulated to the needs of their partners. They are also versatile and open minded, always ready for any kind of experimentation.

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