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Capricorn Man Love Compatibility
Capricorn Man - Aries Woman
Aries is a fire sign whereas the Capricorn is an earth sign. Their combination can be unusual as well as exceptional. On one hand the Aries is bright, young and enthusiastic, always full of life and on the other hand the Capricorn is more serious, practical and earthy person.
Capricorn Man - Taurus Woman
A lot of physical and spiritual aspects are common in these two types of sun signs and therefore since the philosophical side of these two signs are very similar there is a great level of compatibility seen here. Besides, other things that are great about them is that both the parties over here have a great sense of reality.
Capricorn Man - Gemini Woman
These two may be the most contradicting sun signs of the zodiac however it is these vey differences that at times keeps a relationship from falling apart. The Capricorn is a realist and practical person who is reluctant to get into a relationship unless sure that it would go a long way while the Gemini is a distant person who takes up most things on the spur of the moment including relationships.
Capricorn Man - Cancer Woman
The Capricorn man and the Cancer woman have a lot more of dissimilarities with each other than similarities, but it is these differences that keep them hooked to each other.
Capricorn Man - Leo Woman
Leo and Capricorn have a strong attraction towards each other inspite of having communications differences between them. They have some kind of a charm which clicks between the two and makes them a good couple. On one hand the Leo is very expressive when it comes to love while on the other hand the Capricorn is more practical and realistic.
Capricorn Man - Virgo Woman
This is a pair where there is a level of maturity and understanding. The two signs are both individually strong but they possess great respect for one another and also rely on one another a great deal. This kinds of builds and make their bond stronger since they rely on another just as needed not over burden their partners with too much to handle.
Capricorn Man - Libra Woman
Libra woman and Capricorn man might not be able to have the smoothest relations with each other but they will give in their best to ensure that they make the best of their relationship together. Both of them have high regards for relationships and are committed and loyal.
Capricorn Man - Scorpio Woman
Scorpio and Capricorn make a very easy and interesting couple. There is a lot of understand and passion between the two of them. Both are committed and serious about relationships, friendly and cordial, responsible and passionate about love and their loved ones.
Capricorn Man - Sagittarius Woman
Sagittarius and Capricorn can make an interesting couple with wide differences in their personality but bonded by a common trait of loyalty and faithfulness. When they decide to come together they leave behind all their differences and pour in all they have to make it work.
Capricorn Man - Capricorn Woman
Coming from the same zodiac sign, the Capricorn man and Capricorn woman find a lot of common ground to hang on to the make their relationship strong and interesting. There is always an added advantage to couple belonging to the same zodiac sign. However it has its own ill effects as well.
Capricorn Man - Aquarius Woman
Capricorn and Aquarius are quite different in their personality and they make quite an uncommon combination. One is the earth sign (Capricorn) and other the (Aquarius) sign. Their habits, attitude, nature are all different. On one hand the Capricorn is very mature, serious, stable and responsible person.
Capricorn Man - Pisces Woman
There exists a very strong attraction between the Capricorn and Pisces. The Capricorn man and Pisces woman make a very interesting couple. Both of them are lovely, warm, and affectionate and have strong belief in relationships. There are numerous things that keep them attracted to each other.
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More on Capricorn

Capricorn Traits - Governed by the stable planet Saturn Capricorn is the even handed sign of the zodiac. Symbolised by the determined mountain goat the Capricorns are hardworking and focussed in life.

Capricorn Nature - Have you heard the story of the Incey wincey spider? The one who gets washed out in the rain but never ceases to climb again? Well!

Capricorn Lifestyle - The Capricorns are popularly recognised by their fine skin and beautiful hair. They generally have a healthy and clear skin.

Capricorn Facts - The stable and slow motioned planet Saturn is the ruling planet of the Capricorn born. This influence is what makes them consistent and slightly sluggish in nature.

Capricorn Description - Capricorn (Makara) is a cardinal sign represented by the mountain goat which symbolises determination and perseverance.

Capricorn Career - Capricorns are realistic people and they don't believe in getting rich by winning a lottery ticket. They are career oriented.

Capricorn Romance - Lessons to give in romance: Love is faith, trust and commitment.

Capricorn Relationship - Capricorns belong to the tenth house of the zodiac. The strong Saturn influence make them even handed and stable not just as a person but also in their relationships.

Capricorn Love - Some of the important lessons that one can learn in love from Capricorn are being sincere and responsible.

Capricorn Man - If you ladies are on the prowl for a total security and hundred percent commitment then Capricorn men are the best catch. They are born providers and love to them is providing the best to your loved ones.

Capricorn Woman - If you are the kinds you like 'all in one' offers then make sure you take home a Capricorn woman. That is only is she gives you a green signal. Force her into something; you will surely get a black eye.

Capricorn Decans - The 36 group of stars or constellations are divided into three decans to determine an accurate prediction for an individual.

Capricorn Moon Sign - The moon influence in Capricorn makes them very generative in nature. They become more fruitful and more effective with their work.

Capricorn Horoscope - Capricorn (December 23 - January 20) is the tenth sign of the Zodiac. People born under this sign are very innocent, fragile, tolerant, rational and kind hearted.

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