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Cancer Compatibility
Cancer Compatibility Table
Compatibility Sex Communication
Cancer - Aries Low Medium Low
Cancer - Taurus High High High
Cancer - Gemini Low Low Medium
Cancer - Cancer High High High
Cancer - Leo Medium Medium Medium
Cancer - Virgo High High High
Cancer - Libra Low Low Low
Cancer - Scorpio High High High
Cancer - Sagittarius Low Medium Low
Cancer - Capricorn Medium High Medium
Cancer - Aquarius Low Low Low
Cancer - Pisces High High High

Compatibility of Cancer with other zodic signs
Cancer - Aries
An Aries is more of an individual sign, who lives independently of anyone's influence and desires less control in life, whereas the Cancer is more of a people's person, always wanting to be surrounded by the family and loves ones, with the comfortable four walls of their house.
Cancer - Taurus
Taurus and Cancer can get along really well with each other as they have a lot in common. They enjoy one of the sweetest relationships of all and find each other very dependable and reliable. They support each other emotionally and in every other sphere of life.
Cancer - Gemini
The Gemini and Cancer share quiet an interesting bond and they always seem to be complementing each other. They enjoy a fascinating bond and always show different worlds to each other to make their experience more nurturing and fulfilling.
Cancer - Cancer
When two Cancers come together their relationship becomes very interesting. Some of their peculiar characteristics are being protective, caring and nurturing. Thus they tend to take very good care of each other. As they belong to the same zodiac sign they have similar strengths and weaknesses and thus it gets magnified when they come together.
Cancer - Leo
Cancer and Leo have totally different personality. There is striking differences between the two. They have different nature and approach towards life, be it professionally or personally.
Cancer - Virgo
When the Cancer and Virgo come together, there is a lot of care and nurturing flowing between the two. Their relationship is quite good and they make a great pair together. Both of them believe in having low key affairs and keep it quiet and simple. They take pleasures from simple things of life but like to have a very nurturing and fulfilling relationship.
Cancer - Libra
The Cancer and Libra share a very happy relationship together. Both of them are caring, generous, sensitive and accommodating. They are matured and know how to deal in difficult situations. They always have a great start to their relationship, whatever it be. They always like to lead a quiet and peaceful life away from all the hustle and bustle.
Cancer - Scorpio
The Cancer and Scorpio share a smooth and easy connection with each other. No matter in whatever relation they are they always help and cooperate with each other to ensure that their relationship is fulfilling. Both of them share a lot of similarities as well as differences and it helps to create a perfect balance between them.
Cancer - Sagittarius
Cancer and Sagittarius enjoy both challenging and stimulating relationship. Sometimes it can get confusing and unpredictable as well. Both have similarities and differences in their personalities and all this makes their bonding very interesting.
Cancer - Capricorn
The Cancer and Capricorn have opposite qualities which actually help them bring together. Just as the saying goes ‘opposite attract' they too come close to each other because of the differences they have in their nature. These differences complement the shortcomings in their personality and help them feel good about themselves.
Cancer - Aquarius
Cancer and Aquarius share a wonderful relationship with each other, for the mere fact that both of them are wonderful people. Even though they do have some challenging differences in their individual personalities, they are matured enough to deal with them and get over it.
Cancer - Pisces
There is high compatibility between Gemini and Pisces as they have a lot in common and there is lot of devotion and attachment between the two of them. Their relationship is highly rewarding and fulfilling. They have similar needs and tastes which makes it always easy for them to stick to one another.

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Compatibility with Cancer man

Cancer man Aries woman
Cancer man Taurus woman
Cancer man Gemini woman
Cancer man Cancer woman
Cancer man Leo woman
Cancer man Virgo woman
Cancer man Libra woman
Cancer man Scorpio woman
Cancer man Sagittarius woman
Cancer man Capricorn woman
Cancer man Aquarius woman
Cancer man Pisces woman

Compatibility with Cancer woman

Cancer woman Aries man
Cancer woman Taurus man
Cancer woman Gemini man
Cancer woman Cancer man
Cancer woman Leo man
Cancer woman Virgo man
Cancer woman Libra man
Cancer woman Scorpio man
Cancer woman Sagittarius man
Cancer woman Capricorn man
Cancer woman Aquarius man
Cancer woman Pisces man

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Cancer Personality Profile

Cancer Nature - The cancers are symbolically represented by the crab. They are usually very emotional from the inside, but they protect it with their hard shell. It means that they build up a wall around themselves which makes it difficult for people around them to penetrate through their emotions. This is because they are very sensible and tend to get easily hurt.

Cancer Man - Cancer men are usually shy and reserved who do not easily open up in the first meeting itself. They will take time to warm up and open up to people, thus it will take time to know them. They are very emotional and give lots of importance to matters related to their heart. Also they are very affectionate, thoughtful and considerate about the feelings of others.

Cancer Woman - Cancer women are known for being peaceful and passionate. They have a lot of emotions playing around them and can at times also become stubborn, docile, and affectionate and agitated, all at the same time. It needs a lot of patience to deal with cancer women; however they can be great lovers and nurturers, who are ever ready to take care of you.

Cancer Traits - Cancerians are very loving, traditional, conservative and home loving people. They have a mixture of both good and bad qualities in them which are as follows

Cancer At a Glance

Cancer Description - Individuals born between June 22nd to July 22nd belong to the zodiac sign cancer (Kark). They are the fourth sign of the zodiac and people belonging to this sign are very homely and rooted persons. They are very empathetic, emotional and sensitive. They are at their best within the four walls of their home and in the comfortable company of their family.

Cancer Lifestyle - Food for cancer –The crabs need to eat food that is rich in water and fibre as they tend to suffer from gastric and digestive disorders. Some of the fruits and vegetables good for them are cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, turnip, lettuce, mushrooms etc. Drinking lots of water is also highly beneficial for them.

Cancer Facts - Cancer is ruled by the planet moon and some of their important characteristic traits are being indecisive, temperamental, insecure and unsure. They have a lot of doubt in them and are very scared of rejection and being hurt. They form a protective wall around themselves and hide behind them to ensure that they do not get hurt.

Cancer Astrological Perspective

Cancer Decans - Those born between June 22nd and July 1st – Cancerians born between these days are ruled by the planet moon. An important aspect of their personality is their duality of nature, where they have a prominent negative and positive trait in them. These individuals are also very sensitive, generous and creative.

Cancer Moon Sign - Cancerians who have moon sign in them are extremely emotional and give a lot of importance to their feelings. They are not only concerned about their feelings but are also very good in deciphering the feelings of others. When it comes to emotions, they will never forget or forgive easily, hence it is best not to make them feel unhappy or offend them.

Cancer Horoscope - Cancer (June 22 – July 22) is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by the planet moon and symbolically represented by the crab. Some of their positive characteristics are loyalty, empathy, adaptable, loving and caring towards their family; however on the negative side they can be very moody, sensitive, emotional and indecisive.

Cancer The Practical Side

Cancer Career - Cancers are very sincere and honest and are known for their good advice. They are sensitive and protective about their personal space and also their loved ones. They are very careful and concerned about their security and undertakings and will put in a lot of effort to ensure that they take good care of it.

Cancer Romance - Some of the important lessons that the cancers can give in romance are being tender and devoted, sensitive to the needs of their partners, being very caring and nurturing. Their partners will enjoy this side of them as it will make them feel loved, cared and wanted.

Cancer Relationship - Cancers can be some of the most passionate and selfless lovers. When they fall in love, they will love their partner without any limitations. They are very sensitive and caring when it comes to love. They take time to fall in love and usually don't fall in love with anybody and everybody, but choose their partner very wisey ensuring that they are able to understand their feelings and emotions.

Cancer Love - Some of the important lessons they can give in love – some of the important things that we can learn in love from the Cancer are tenderness, devotion and sensitivity. They are also very caring and nurturing which can be a valuable lesson they can give in love.

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