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Capricorn Woman

If you are the kinds you like 'all in one' offers then make sure you take home a Capricorn woman. That is only is she gives you a green signal. Force her into something; you will surely get a black eye. Capricorn women are good at multi tasking. She can be an excellent house maker and an equally excellent entrepreneur at the same time. She is exactly that typical woman to whom you give a house and she gives you a home.

  • The Capricorn women fret dependency. They see dependence as a failure and a complete weakness; this is why they like to work to remain independent but this does not mean that they neglect their duties at home. They are unbelievably efficient not just at home but also at work. Hard work and perseverance is their key to success.
  • Capricorn women are confident but at the same time timid in nature. This signifies their contradicting character. They are humble and modest but at the same time they can have an air of arrogance around them. They hate comparisons, so don't ever compare her to anyone unless you are prepared for an assault. They hate to be bossed around. They expect people to respect her as much as she respects them.
  • Capricorn women are hard working but they sure know how to have fun. They have a huge friend circle like the Capricorn men but their chosen ones are only a handful. They love dressing for the occasion especially donning their heirloom jewelleries. They take a lot of time to carefully do their hair and makeup because they like to look their best in social gatherings and besides they want to be prepared for anything that might come their way, maybe pose for page 3.
  • Though the Capricorn women are conventional and belong to old school, they strongly vouch for gender equality. She likes to walk hand in hand with the men when it comes to business. She feels that there is nothing in the world that women can't do what men can. She is in the true sense a hundred percent feminist. This doesn't mean that she disrespects men.
  • A Capricorn woman is insecure but she is not jealous. She likes to be emotionally and financially secured. She needs a partner who can protect her. She makes for an excellent partner who never ceases to encourage and support her other half. Status, good fortune and respect are things that she desires. She feels that life without these things is a total failure. She genuinely respects a self made man instead of those born with the silver spoon. Reality lures them rather than illusions.
  • They respect people with experience and they regard their family values and principles with utmost sincerity. They guard their family the same way they guard their deepest emotions. They are fair and just with their judgements but they can be slightly biased towards their loved ones.
  • The Capricorn women are fiercely revengeful and vindictive in nature. They hold grudges and can be selfish unlike their selfless male counterparts.

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2 April 2015
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