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Aries Woman

"Don't look at her like she is a bad girl, she is highly misunderstood. She is dysfunctional and troubled most of the times but she is a real survivor!" This is the line that is apt to describe an Aries woman. She is a fighter, a warrior. She comes up with lots of survival strategies and she can withstand any situation. She is bubbly, headstrong, fearless and spontaneous. She is independent, confident and she likes to live life King size. Aries women are usually very ambitious, career oriented and they set an example for others to follow. People are inspired by them. Let's try to get an insight of how they really are.

  • "Chase is always better than the catch" This is what an Aries women believe in. As much as she enjoys the attention she gets from the opposite sex and she likes men hovering around her, she actually gets pretty bored with them quickly and is always on the prowl of finding someone who is hard to get. So if you really like an Aries woman, you should try and play hard to get, for this is what intrigues her the most.
  • An Aries woman is infamous for their domineering attitude and over possessive nature towards their partner/spouse. Try complimenting another girl in her presence and be prepared to be a victim of her unreasonable wrath.
  • They usually come across as strong, smart, dramatic, domineering and self dependent but some section of Aries women rely or are financially and emotionally dependent on another person.
  • Aries women are usually candid and upfront. Diplomacy is not her cup of tea. This quality of hers often brings with it lots of trouble and heartaches.
  • Aries women chase their dreams and they often get what they want. They are very competitive but they do not play foul. They prefer fair games.
  • They dote on their selected friends and they are very generous towards their close ones. They trust their friends and they will stand by them against all odds.
  • Do not ignore an Aries woman because if you do they sulk for the rest of their life. They just hate being unnoticed.
  • They are passionate, determined and career driven; all this quality helps them achieve a successful and comfortable life. They earn an attractive package but the desire of living their life king size and to the fullest makes it difficult for them to save money.
  • They are very energetic and hardworking and if they focus their energy in the right direction, they can achieve great success.
  • As mothers, they aren't overprotective but they will make sure that their baby is healthy, hearty and happy. She will ensure that they believe in the magical world of fairy tales and fantasy, like she does.

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28 March 2015
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