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Aries Romance
Element Fire
Quality Positive, Masculine & Cardinal
Ruling Planet Mars
Motto "I am"
Symbol The Ram
Dates 21st March 19th April
Lessons to learn in love Optimism & Energy
Lessons to give in love Trust & Patience


Optimism, vigour, energy, good sense of humour, style, easy going youthful nature and childlike innocence is what makes Aries an attractive package. They are attention seekers and with their creative personality it's quite natural and easy for them to draw attention of their opposite sex. Although they are short tempered, arrogant and selfish at times, they have huge fan following and they are considered lovable by others. It is not easy to take the Ram for granted and they can hardly be fooled. They do not easily trust people and they can get annoyingly suspicious and sceptical at times.

Romance for the Aries

Aries aren't the greatest lovers of the zodiac; they can get mechanical when it comes to love. They like the idea of being in love but they may never actually know what love is. They demand love and they feel it is one thing that everyone deserves. They are attention seekers and they demand continuous attention from their lovers which at times can be very disturbing. They try finding love at odd places and they do not hesitate to try hitting on anyone who catches his fancy. They hate rejections like everyone else and can get annoyingly stubborn at times.

When in Romance

Aries being the youngest sign of the zodiac needs a lot of babysitting and pampering when in Romance. They feel taking care of each other's need is what love is all about. Although they are very caring and love to pamper their partner and take care of their needs, they expect the same or even more in return. This can really get into your nerves sometimes. Aries are known to be authoritative and dominant in nature but they hate having their partners who are passive. They prefer their partner to be equally commanding and dominant like them. They are attention seekers and they need constant attention and a reminder of how much you love them. If neglected, they can go way out your their line and can get very aggressive. They demand respect, loyalty and lots of attention when in love. They can also be selfish, putting their needs first.

Aries Romance Traits

  • Arians are demanding lovers.
  • They can get overly possessive and jealous.
  • They are faithful and they demand the same from their partner.
  • They are commanding and dominant but hate having a submissive partner.
  • They crave for attention from their partner.
  • They are selfish lovers and usually put their needs first.
  • They are conservative in nature when it comes to love although they brag about being modern and at par with today's lifestyle.
  • They are very expressive.
  • They are impatient.
  • They are caring and take good care of their lovers.

Perfect Romance Match

Aries is most compatible with these signs:

  • Leo
  • Sagittarius
  • Gemini

Aries & Leo

Both seek freedom and love adventure. They are outgoing and are both dominant in nature, just what they need from their partner. Leos love the carefree and easy going attitude of the Aries and in return Aries admire the Leo's intelligence and their out of the box ideas.

Aries & Sagittarius

Both these signs are blessed with ample energy. Their unique taste for adventure and each other's passion for similar things make them a great team. They simply love and enjoy each other's company.

Aries & Gemini

Both these signs have a certain thirst for knowledge and learning new things. They are both creative signs and they admire each other's intelligence.

Aries Compatibility - Arians are highly compatible with Sagittarius and Leos, moderately compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and least compatible with Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.

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