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Aquarius Horoscope (January 21 - February 19)

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. People belonging to his sign are very friendly, helpful, creative, humanitarian, philanthropic and intelligent. With a good social conscience, they have a strong desire to make this world a better place to live, for them as well as for others. They are always concerned about the society, the poor and the needy and the helpless and are always looking for ways to make their lives better. Since they are very social and affable they have lots of friends and are liked by everyone. With a strong vision in mind they are always on the path of progress, for themselves as well as for others. They are thoughtful, creative and always full of new ideas. They are symbolically represented by water bearer and just as they bring the precious gift of water to everyone, Aquarians bring the joy of love and sharing to people around them. With a high degree of intelligence they are geniuses who enrich this world with their refined thoughts and ideas.

With a string of new and creative original ideas, they are always willing to share it with others so that everyone can benefit from it. Selfishness is never to be found in them and they are always willing to give and share. Making other people happy is the one thing they care about. They are always willing to give and never expect anything in return. Sometimes they tend to become impatient, temperamental and dislike people who disagree with them. They want things to be done their way and get agitated if it is not done so. Freedom is very valuable to them and they will never trade it with anything. There is nothing that will make Aquarians give up their freedom. Their individualism is their identity and they will never compromise with it. Their friends, family and close ones mean a lot to them and they will do everything possible to make them feel loved and valuable. They are ruled by the planet Saturn and Uranus who are considered to be very strong and vibrant planets. The same thing is reflected in their personality.

They are usually extroverts who mingle very well in new groups and make new friends quickly. Rarely shy or hesitant, they are never afraid of taking the central stage. With their creative and artistic ideas they are always ready to entertain people. Staying alone without the company of people is something that will never happen to them. They are always on the lookout for company, friends, fun and entertainment. They love to live life in a simple way without taking too much tension. In relationships they are very loving, caring and flirtatious. They believe in a strong and stable long term relationships however on a condition that they don't have to surrender their freedom to their partners. Being jealous or mean is not their characteristic as their true happiness lies in sharing and giving. They will hold on to their faith of positivity till the end.

Aquarius on Aries

Aquarius Traits - Aquarians are born very intelligent and attractive people and known for their practical sense and brilliance content in them.

Aquarius Nature - The Aquarian born under the sign of water bearers the 11 sign of zodiac you can be extremely responsive and defenseless.

Aquarius Lifestyle - The Aquarius woman is considered to be most gorgeous with high loftiness and jagged features. The pretty features in them are pelt and snout.

Aquarius Facts - Aquarians belong to the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the ruling planet belongs to this sun sign is Uranus and Saturn these rulers give the combined effect of progressive spirit and exotic stuff.

Aquarius Description - These Aquarians (Kumbha) belong to the eleventh sign of the zodiac sign and mainly called by the name of kumbhajatakas they want everything according to them.

Aquarius Career - They are the people born with intelligence and blessed with excellence.

Aquarius Romance - They are very cool minded, uncongenial yet altruistic end agreeable. They are very investigative before getting into the existence of love.

Aquarius Relationship - Aquarians lovers are very romantic and stimulated to the lovers and very creative and take all the risk they can to promote their relationships until and unless they are serious.

Aquarius Love - Some of the important lessons that one can learn in love from Aquarius are being sensitive to the need of their partner.

Aquarius Man - Aquarian man is very unpredictable and weird it's a kind of second name of the man belonging to this sun sign. They are strong, variant and independent.

Aquarius Woman - Aquarius woman have an exceptional good brilliance and are the woman with minds you can't easily fool them and they are the one who will not trust you easily.

Aquarius Decans - There are almost three pieces of this Aquarius decans to get the precise prophecy. The star signs almost of 10 dates or 10 grades away from each month to get the correct determination.

Aquarius Moon Sign - The people having moon in Aquarius are very good observer and are always in keen in their every observation.

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